Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hooray for public holidays!

Today is Melbourne Cup Day, so I've only just got up, and it's 9:30am. Wow. A really-truly sleep-in..... can't remember the last time that happened.

I'm off to the gym shortly - I forgot to check whether they're open when I was there on Sunday, but if not, I'll just drive down the road to the cheap but skanky gym that lets anyone in for $3.30 and do my workout there.

Yesterday we went to a wedding. Monday may seem like an odd day to have a wedding, but the Monday before Cup Day has become a kind of defacto public holiday in this city. It seems that NOBODY goes to work, and all the schools now schedule a curriculum day or some such thing on that particular day. Prompted, no doubt, by the fact that less than half the class ever turned up for school.

Anyway, the wedding was nice, even though the day turned cold and windy. It was my nephew who got married. We had a fun time - I even got Bike Boy up dancing, which is a major achievement. It took me a little while to warm up, but I ended up doing quite a bit of dancing. .....Doing the Nutbush counts as an extra cardio workout, right?

I took my camera and snapped away happily, and when I got home and downloaded them, discovered I'd managed to take 288 shots. Um. Gee.

Here's a sample:

And one of me (not wearing track pants for a change) that Bike Boy took:

I have some others, but Blogger has decided not to cooperate with photo uploads any more, so they'll have to wait. And I need to get my arse to the gym.


Jadey said...

you look great hun - are you sure there aren't trackys under that dress? LOL

Anonymous said...

It must be all schools except MINE!!! that aint fair! You look great- there is life outside trackky daks I guess! lol

MTB Girl said...

You look gorgeous Kek! I hope you had a good cup day!

Debstar said...

I've been hearing that its 20degrees in Melbourne, so what's with the sleeveless dress??!! Forget the trackkies, where's the spencer? lol
Just love the picture of the dirty feet.

Kek said...

Well, it was a nice sunny day - turned a bit cold and windy, but we were indoors by then. You Queenslanders are all wimps - 20 degrees isn't COLD! No stamina....

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