Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hot Date

Woohoo! Tonight Bike Boy and I are going out to the movies and dinner. The movie will be The Prestige… no idea what dinner will be, we’ll wander along the main street and see what takes our fancy.

Which reminds me: I completely forgot to post about seeing BoyTown a few weeks back - we thought it was HILARIOUS. Mick Malloy has a wicked, wicked sense of humour and who doesn’t love Glenny Robbins? He’s so….lovable. He’s one of those really endearing actor/comedians, although I suspect he pretty much plays himself most of the time. Sort of sweet, bumbling and a bit daggy. Anyway, the movie was kind of cute, but the best part of the whole thing was the song lyrics – they had us in stitches, literally crying with laughter.

I’ll report back on The Prestige later.

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Sairs said...

Anyone that can turn PMT into a catchy pop song is worth seeing. I was so pleasantly surprised by that movie. I expected it to be a bit humourous, but ended up doubled over with laughter in some bits. Definitely a Boytown fan!

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