Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I *heart* the postman

OK, so it was actually a postwoman, but today she brought me parcels. I LOVE getting parcels in the mail. It's way more fun than the usual assortment of bank statements, bills and junk mail.

So, internet shopping - how good is it? You click a few times on a website, enter your husband's credit card number, and they send you stuff! Cool. Today I got a box of goodies from Evelyn Faye Nutrition, including a new big tub of Ladybird Protein Crunch. Now I can make my choc-cheesecake thing again.

Coincidentally, I was training a client this morning at the skanky gym, when I ran into Helen, the lovely sales rep for Ladybird/Redbak. I seem to meet her all over the place. Probably because it's her job to BE all over the place. It's always a pleasure to see her anyway, she's a sweetheart. :-)

Oh, and the postie also brought me a fab book entitled Play as if Your Life Depends on It. Sara put me onto the Go Animal website a while back, and recently I've been using some of their ideas with my clients - it's so much fun! The idea is to make training functional and fun, turn it into a game so that clients barely even notice that they're getting a workout. Click on the 'Games' link for some really great ideas to make your training something to be enjoyed, not just endured.


Sara said...

Have you also checked out Fantastic functional training.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just had a quick look at the link and the Go Animal site looks great...will go and read thru it properly in a minute

I was so excited when my city health package arrived last week.

Thanks for your message about the caffeine too....I thought I had to get caffeine out of my body for 5 days before starting creatine and also during taking it??? do you know of any good links Kek where I can actually read what to do when taking creatine? I was going on my husbands advice as he takes it but if I can save giving up coffee I will be a happy girl!

Do you have a particular brand of L-Glutamine you would recommend?

Kek said...

Sharon, I'll email you.... remind me if you don't hear from me tomorrow, will you? I have a busy day....

Crossfit ROCKS. Although some of those workouts scare the crap out of me. <=O

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