Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Important life lesson #1

A while back, when Bike Boy and I worked in the same office, I had to get my photo taken for a new building pass. So, before ducking downstairs for said photo, I walked past BB's desk and asked: "Does my hair look OK?", to which he replied "Yeah, it looks fine". Stupidly, I then went ahead and got my photo taken, collected my pass..... and MY HAIR WAS COMPLETELY MENTAL. And I mean sticking-up-on-top kind of mental.

I charged back to Bike Boy's desk and demanded: "How could you tell me my hair looked OK? Look at it! For the next 3 years, I'm stuck with a building pass with a photo of me with crazy-woman hair!" To which he looked bemused, shrugged and said "It looks OK to me".

So - life lesson #1: NEVER rely on a man's opinion when it comes to matters of fashion, hairstyle, or even whether you have your shirt on backwards.

They are obviously missing some genetic material that allows their vision to function correctly. It must be on the missing bit of the Y chromosome, along with the cling-wrapping gene, the inserting-quilts-in-covers gene and the finding obvious things within plain sight gene.


Sara said...

Not to mention the 'Keanu appreciation gene'. ;)

Jadey said...

This is the man who also sees you first thing in the morning with bed hair and drool on the pillow (ok maybe or maybe not LoL) And loves you anyway. OF COURSE you look alright to him

Sairs said...

Unless of course, said male is your gay hairdresser! Then any advice can be taken with confidence!!
I have a long held theory on cling film Kek, which is that only people that have been pregnant can use it properly. I am totally hopeless with it. No matter how hard I try, no matter what I use to hold it down, 1 corner always curls over on itself before I wrap. The only people I know who can use it have been pregnant. I think it must be triggered at the moment of conception.

MTB Girl said...

Alistair takes offence at your generalisations! :P

Pip said...

Ha Ha with the hair! We are obviously our best judges of our own hair.

I remember when I was 15 getting ready to go to a school disco I asked Grandma 'does my hair look OK do you reckon'? I combed and parted it and had it loose.

She replied, 'you're a very plain girl so you should wear plain styles such as your hair back and plain clothes that are one colour and graceful'. I said nothing but it was more of an answer than I bargined for. But I know to her 'pretty' people have blonde curly hair and they look good in 'bright' clothes! She is loving and meant no offence of course, - just her way of speaking and she can be blunt with her opinion!

But I never ask others about my hair now!

Kek said...

Amanda - I'm sure Alastair is the exception to the rule. There - does he feel better?

Debstar said...

I think the only time hubby has noticed my hair was when it was orange. He told me the hair looked better than the beanie I was wearing. I don't know about that though. Its back to brown but I'm thinking of going blonde soon, after the last effort I'm thinking its a bit of a gamble.

MTB Girl said...

Yes, Alistair feels better now, thankyou :)

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