Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The two beautiful young ladies are my nieces, and the little red-heads belong to the bride and groom. And that's my mum and two of my sisters with me (the one in red is stepmother of the bridegroom).

I better go make a slide show for the family now......


Sara said...

What a gorgeous dress! The bride's is pretty too. ;D You look fab Kek!

Anonymous said...

Oh those photos are so gorgeous. I love weddings so much...doesn't matter whose it is!

You looked great too

Kek said...

Mmm, me too - I am a wedding photo HOG! Doesn't matter if I know the happy couple or not. :-)

Sairs said...

Have just figured out who your sister reminds me of, scrolling through the photos just now it jumped out at me.
She bears a striking resemblance in that photo to Helen Mirren. Not a bad thing, she's an incredible woman and fabulous actor!

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