Wednesday, November 15, 2006

(quick) vent

Still sick, still swamped (although I did manage to meet that deadline at the office, even if it was a half-arsed effort), but I have to have a vent about the friggen weather!

What is going ON? It's summer in exactly 15 days, and today we have:
Gale-force winds
A top temperature of 15 degrees (and it will get down to 5 tonight - oh joy!)
and the piece de resistance: SNOW.

Did you hear me? It is snowing on the outskirts of Melbourne!


SeLiNa said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!
U need to move up North Kekky!!!
It's really nice and waaaaarm here right now ;)

Kek said...

Thanks Darls...Oh, did I assume wrongly that you're offering free accommodation? *looks hopeful*

Debstar said...

I hear you Kek & I'm trembling in my boots.
Hope you and the weather improve by tomorrow.

MTB Girl said...

Kek - in CBR we have sleet, snow and 0 degrees!!! eeep - I'm a frozen block!

Kek said...

Well, I did cheer myself up momentarily this monring by checking the weather in Hobart - they were only expecting 10 degrees. That was before it snowed.

OK, so it's not actually snowing at my house...only ever did that once, in winter 1986....but there IS snow in the Dandenongs, on the Calder freeway and various other spots on the city's outskirts. And (of course) it's snowing in Ballarat.

I'm about to drag out my velour pjs, bedsocks and a hot water bottle. And I may just leave the heating on overnight.

Tomorrow it'll be positively balmy - 16 degrees. Mmm, looking forward to THAT.

Sara said...

Mmmm... it's HOT here but it IS Show Day and the livestock entrance to the Agricultural Ground is directly opposite our work. Yesterday it took about 1.5hours to get home (usually 20 minutes) and today will be worse. Did I mention it's hot and my car is old (no Aircon). It's a bit like sitting in a sauna all the way home.

Hope you are feeling much better luv.


Amy said...

It's bizarre, isn't it! Bushfires in NSW, hailstorms in QLD, and snow in VIC/TAS!

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