Thursday, November 23, 2006

Roll on December 22nd!

I saw a poster for this event on the noticeboard at work whilst I was on my way to the Ladies' the other day. Of course, given the 3-4 litres of water I drink every day, I wasn't in a position to stop and find out the details, and it slipped my (feeble) mind on my way back to my desk.

So tonight I Googled and found all the details on Global Orgasm Day. Forget raffle tickets, coloured ribbons and the like - here's an awareness day where you really do get more bang for your buck! (sorry) *snort!*


Anonymous said...

And did you know there is a secret handshake to go along with it? I think you have to make an 'ok' sign with your thumb and pointer and wink....

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha- it's gotta be a joke of course!!!!

Sara said...

WHOA! Muahahaha, hahahaha, HA! Where do I sign up?

Sairs said...

I am just praying that the success of this day sees it become more than an annual event!! Hmmm.. monthly perhaps.. or even weekly??!
Bring it on!

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