Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday stuff

I was going to post this really clever piece all about some university studies on eating habits that I recently came across and a whole lot of stuff about how consuming lots of less calorie-dense foods leads to eating less overall and blah-de-blah.... but my brain seems to have gone all mooshy today and thinking is just too bloody hard.'s about some SHOPPING instead?

I've been browsing through some online sites, looking for Christmas pressies for various interstate rellos and came across this gadget. I do wonder who you would give a bad breath checking gizmo to? Someone with a very thick skin, perhaps? Maybe somebody you really don't like?

I was very happy to discover that Lush has a brilliant online store - since there isn't a shop within cooee of where I live (and I get to the city maybe twice a year. How sad is that?). I see many, many options for nieces, sisters and female friends...and a few for moi as well.

I need something nice for my dad and stepmum in Perth, and for my half-brother, who must be 33? now. Wine and beer are always safe bets, so I trawled around looking for hampers and boxed giftpacks, and you know what? Cellarmasters have a pretty good range.

Then I got lazy and started browsing through Maggie's shopping guide from the Mighty Goods 2006 Covet Holiday Gift Guide. Well, 'browsing' is a bit of an exaggeration, since I didn't actually get past the first item: these fabulous handmade chocolates by Recchuiti of San Francisco. Mmm. *drifts off into a chocolate daydream*

Oh, were there other things on the list?


Speaking of gifts, the other day I did something I've never, EVER done before. I bought my own birthday present, for Bike Boy to give to me. This is so totally out of character for me - I just don't know what came over me. I was out at lunchtime, getting some printing done at Officeworks, picking up this and that for the kids for Christmas and a few groceries and so on, when I walked past a jeweller. I did what all girls do and peered in the window at all the shiny stuff, and then on an impulse, I went inside and asked the shop assistant what they had in the way of emerald and diamond rings.

Now, there's a back story to this. For my 40th birthday, I wanted a ring - a classic eternity ring style, with a row of emeralds and diamonds. We looked and looked, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. After an entire afternoon of searching through every shop in the CBD, I 'settled' for a single oval emerald with diamond baguettes. Nice, but not what I wanted. I did get matching earrings for Christmas that year, and a matching pendant in Bangkok a couple of years later, but wasn't THE ring. Then, after losing such a lot of weight, my ring started sliding off my finger, so I put it away, intending to get it resized.

But then I found Exactly What I Wanted at lunchtime the other day. And I heard myself saying to the shop girlie: "wrap it up - I'll take it" and pulling out my Amex card.

Every year we play the birthday game - Bike Boy asks "what do you want for your birthday?" and I say "I don't know - surprise me". So this year is a little different. I rang him and said "guess what you bought me for my birthday?" He took it pretty well, just asking how much he spent. Teehee. I even got it gift-wrapped, to save him the trouble. :-)


I was going to post a photo of the fabulous dinner my wonderful husband cooked me tonight. But Blogger is doing its 'thing' with photo uploads. Again. So I'll just describe it instead.

Pork steaks, roasted, with a sauce made from the pan juices, some mango chutney, curry powder and other stuff (hey, I'm not the cook, OK?) and served with "Jamie vegies". This is something we learned from watching endless episodes of Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef TV show. It basically involves lots of vegies and lots of olive oil and whole garlic cloves, which you then proceed to roast the crap out of. Add a glass or two of wine and YUM!

Oh, and free meals absolutely have to be eaten at the dining table, not perched on a stool at the kitchen bench. Plus some mood music is essential. So we had virtuoso guitarist Slava Grigoryan with his brother Leonard, playing Concerto de Aranjuez (fondly referred to in our house as Concerto de Orange Juice). If you've never heard this, go find a copy - the second movement is sublime!

Wine is good! *giggles*


Sara said...

Gah! Jamie Oliver... He's such a hottie. I could eat HIM, nevermind his veggies! (Slaps self.) Anyway! What a sweet husband you have! Mine would serve me a frozen pizza with a side of ranch dressing and beer, made with love of course. Is there any hope?

Jadey said...

Sounds wonderful! I don't know if I will see a pic of your ring as I read further up your blog but I expect to see one by the time I log in next regardless. lol

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