Sunday, November 05, 2006

That's QUEEN bitch to you.....

I've been more than a little tired lately, which comes of burning the candle at both ends. Note to self: Get more sleep.

Anyway, I'm told by those near and dear to me that I'm being a CRANKY-ARSE BITCH. Hmm. Perhaps I'll just use my desk calendar to sum up how a typical day goes when you're seriously sleep deprived.


9:00am: 12:00 noon:


I'm fine. Really.


Debstar said...

Yeah there are some days where I think I could have coffee pumped straight into my bloodstream via a drip and it still wouldn't be enough.

Kaddy said...

hmmm, SO MUCH TRUTH there!its my first day back at work, i've been dyslexic on the keyboard, have been calling people only to forget who i was actually calling and what my personal training session confused between am and pm so have had to miss out..and guess what made me feel remotely HUMAN...bwaahaahaaa COFFEE.. thank god for coffee... it keeps me sane, well at least assists a little anyway!

Sara said...

Is there a sleep deprivation bug going around or something??? Oh wait... nope, I just have a baby.

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