Friday, November 10, 2006


Have I mentioned that getting up at 4:30am sucks big time? It especially sucked this morning, since I got to bed a little late, AND indulged in a few drinkies last night. When I say a few, I really mean A FEW. It takes approximately 2 glasses these days to tip me over the edge..... one of the sad side effects of (almost) giving up alcohol.

So, after a few champagnes at the races (4 of those weeny little plastic flutes, barely half full, so about equivalent to 2 normal glasses), then one scotch and two red wines, staying up with Bike Boyto watch Wednesday's taped episode of Thank God You're Here seemed like a good idea.

This morning I was supposed to train shoulders and legs after my early client session, but I looked at the dumbbells and thought nah.... that's just not happening. Rest day it is!

Is it OK if I just go back to bed now?


Sairs said...

Turns out I can't go 4 days without checking Kek's blog after all!
Kek, 4.30 is the best time of the day! For some reason, after changing my diet, I'm still sleeping through and waking up around then every morning. It means I get the machines that I want at the gym (no one else seems to be there at 5am?? Strange that!) and am out and about in time to watch the sun come up!
Oh, of course, the downside is that I can no longer stay awake long enough to watch anything on TV after about 8pm, and have come scarily close to falling asleep with my face in my dinner when out with friends!! :-)

BTW, you looked fab fab fab at the races darling!

Kek said...

All true of course, but a 4:30 start following a Big Day Out (with alcohol) and a late night? Nuh-uh!

There was NOBODY else at the gym at 5:00 this morning, just me and my client....they must all have had a hard day at the races yeasterday.

Cinders said...

Love the photos. I'll have to do mine later. It was a great day wasn't it? I missed the 1st race so didn't hear about the fall till later. That's always horrible.

Know what you mean about feeling hungover. I had to get up at 6.15 to get 4yo ready and then head off to work which I suppose wasn't as bad as your start. Have a great day.

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