Friday, November 24, 2006

Yeah! I'm back! *punches the air*

Gee, I seem to have got a bit distracted lately. Back to my fitness theme…..

After a few weeks of pretty half-arsed training, I finally have my mojo back. It was one of those situations where I let one thing go from my usual routine, and that tipped everything else out of balance. Thanks to a pretty heavy workload lately, I’d been burning the old midnight oil a bit, which led to I can’t be bothered taking my supplements, which segued into I don’t have time for cardio, so I’ll just skip it today, which accelerated into a rapid downhill slide into Giant scones with lattes really seem like a great morning tea and Oh, I’ll just have chocolate for lunch and Wine is a carb portion, isn’t it? I pretended that all was fine for a while, but when I began to blow off my weights workouts, I knew I was in big trouble! And of course, then I got sick – well, surprise, surprise!

So, as of Monday this week, I am strictly following my entire routine – not just the bits I feel like today – and you know what? I feel really, really good! And weirdly thinner already – after only 4 days.

It’s not often that I lose my will to get up at sparrow’s fart and go get all sweaty in the gym. One thing I’ve learned when it happens is that it’s usually best to allow myself no more than a couple of days of sloth and then just get on with it, whether I feel like it or not. The alternative is a fast trip to flabby hell. And I’m not going there!


Sairs said...

I'm glad to see your back into it Kek, but equally just as glad to see that even those I turn to to kick MY butt and get my mojo back occasionally go through the same!

Hmm.. but perhaps we can stay flexible with the wine being a carb thing?! :-P

Kek said...

Sairs, feel free to kick my butt any time it needs it!

I had a serious loss of mojo way back in the middle of BFL challenge #2 in 2004, but somehow I just kept plugging on, even though the whole thing made me bloody miserable. That lasted over 3 weeks, before my get up and go returned (if I remember correctly), but I'm sure I got through it on sheer stubbornness alone.

I read somewhere in some diet advice thingy (magazine? website? who knows...) that you *should* drink non-alcoholic wine instead of the real thing if you're serious about weight loss. My immediate thought was what the HELL is the point of non-alcoholic wine? And why does such a thing even exist?

Debstar said...

I thought I was reading a segment about myself then right down to the huge scone & latte I had on Tuesday and the zero supplements I know I should be taking. Its so close to the weekend now I've decided to start anew on Monday.
I'm feeling all bloated at the moment & am thinking its probably due to the amount of carbs I've had recently. Cutting the carb crap out is probably the reason why you feel so good after just 4 days. God listen to me, I'm telling this to a PT!!
Have a good weekend Kerryn.

Jadey said...

OMG Quick tell the world Kek is actually Shhh not too loud.... Human

Sara said...

As long as you haven't broken out the Nutella then you have not yet gone as low as you could go. That's what I tell myself when I have a few floppy days. The important thing I reckon is to realise that less perky days are just gonna happen now and then and it's no big deal unless the Nutella comes out to play.

Kek said...

Oh phew. I'm fine then - there's no Nutella in the house. Although I did pause in the spreads aisle at the supermarket last week and stare at the rows of jars for a full minute or so...

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