Sunday, November 26, 2006

You can never have too many supplements

I think my supplement collection is getting a little out of control. I have things stashed in cupboards all over the place. Lookie:

Kitchen cupboard:

The Powerade is Bike Boy's. All the rest are mine.

Laundry cupboard (no room anywhere else for huge 5lb tubs of whey protein):

The Catapult, Race Recovery and gels are Bike Boy's, the Protein Crunch is mine and I generously allow him to share the whey protein. And there's another 3kg bucket of white chocolate flavoured whey on top of the washing machine, because it won't fit in the cupboard. Yes, there are some laundry things in there as well, and some Christmas decorations, for some reason...

Desk drawer at the office:

Only one bar and a tub of protein powder in here. But note the in-case-of-emergencies can of tuna and the 6 varieties of tea. Plus dishes and cutlery.....and a bottle of nail polish and remover. Hey, ya gotta do something when things are quiet at work.

One more tub of whey protein and a shaker on my shelf. Plus a ziplock bag with the day's fish oil and other goodies. And my inspirational (read: "Put the chocolate Freddo down. NOW!") pic of Monica Brant. Oh, I think there's even some work stuff there. How did that sneak in?

Plus there are some bars in the pantry, some RTD shakes in the fridge and Bike Boy has a stash of gels, bars and other stuff at his work too.

It might be a scary exercise to add up what it's all worth.


Sara said...

Someone in your house must be health-conscious or something, eh? :P At least you're prepared! That's awesome!

Tracey said...

hehehe, that looks like my place!!

Sara said...

Oy! where's your Sana Direct L-Glutamine? Did you run out already??

Kek said...

God, you have a sharp eye, Sara...yes, the Sana Direct glutamine is long gone. You know it's my favourite supplement. :-)

Sara said...

I only noticed that after staring long and hard at the Ladybird crunch. I must fly to Aussie to buy some. When's your comp again?

Jadey said...

I can't wait to not have my protein sitting on the floor beside the fridge. I have a friend coming to extend my pantry yay!

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