Thursday, December 07, 2006


Today has been oh-so-frustrating! My ISP has had a major problem of some description, and was off the air for almost the entire day. On top of this, their phone systems apparently spat the dummy, so that on the gazillion or so occasions that I rang them to find out what the HELL was going on, nobody answered. So no internet, no email. :-(

Then when they finally fixed whatever had blown up and got their service back up late this afternoon, I couldn't get any emails through my business account. My personal account was working fine, but the FitBodies one? Nuh-uh. Still, the phones weren't working. So I logged into their website, entered my user id and password and got this message:

Your account has expired. Please contact Accounts (with a hyperlink) for assistance. So I click on the hyperlink and....I get an error message "the page cannot be found"...or some such bollocks.

So I hoicked out my paperwork and discovered that yesterday it was exactly 12 months since I set up my business website, email account and so on. Hmm. I paid a bill last month, didn't I? Checked the bill and found that it was for domain name hosting ONLY. They haven't bothered to bill me for my email account (the grand sum of $27), and the bastards have cut me off!! And still they don't answer the phones. I have sent a very terse (OK, rude) email via my private email account. I'm cross, crabby and annoyed.

Guess who's going to be changing ISPs next year?

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Kathryn said...

That is such bad customer service. How hard is it to send out a reminder. Hope they get it back up, pronto.

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