Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back to normal - thank goodness!

In the lead-up to Christmas I trod a treacherous path indeed....cardio was pretty hit-and-miss (OK, it was more miss than hit) and food was, shall we say, a CHALLENGE? Then last week, due to client commitments, new programs to get out before Christmas, all the preparations for the family invasion and a fair bit of slack-arse attitude, I. Did. Not. Make. It. To. The. Gym. Once.

Nope, not one single workout was undertaken. Oh, I thought about working out. For about a nanosecond or so. But I was firmly in "I'll do it after Christmas" mode, so no go.

Then this week went like this:

Monday: Christmas Day. Workout? Pfft. No way, no how.
Tuesday: Boxing Day. It's compulsory to lie around in a carb-induced coma, in between cleaning up the Xmas debris, right?
Wednesday: Um. Worked most of the day, then at dinner time I found myself trying to convince Bike Boy that left over turkey and wine is a balanced meal. *sigh*

By now I'm completely over eating crap and not training. SO....this morning I hauled my (slightly lardier than usual) arse out of bed at 7:00am and headed off to the gym. I did a killer upper body workout, and it felt good! It should only take 3 or 4 days of training and eating properly for the bloatiness to subside....


Got my Filex brochure last week - I hopped into bed last night with it and browsed through all the great workshops and lectures that are on offer, and as usual I want to do them ALL. Last year was an absolute blast - I got to meet Selina and Jay in the flesh, plus catch up with some old buddies, picked up lots of freebies...and oh yeah, I learned useful stuff that I could inflict on my clients too. :)

I'd better think about booking my accommodation and start looking for cheap airfares. Yippee!!


Deb said...

Very cool! I'm jealous over the fitness seminar. Have fun and kick some girlie bootie!

Anonymous said...

You didn't work out? OK now I know you're human. Of course it is mandatory to laze in a carb induced coma on boxing day. I extend this to New Year cause "It's My Birthday" Is that a good enough excuse? I mean I haven't been in the gym for months due to injury and illness so this week is OK right? As long as I get planned & prepared for New Year?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I soooo want to go to Filex again but I might drive this year. Then I can haul the loads of stuff I buy back with me. That is IF I haven't moved there beforehand (I think I'd be dreaming)

Debstar said...

Hi Kek, I've been having a spot of bother trying to leave messages with you but here I am at last (hopefully). Sounds like your non-workout week has been going in much the same way as mine. I went to a spin class on Thursday and swimming today, but it still does not make up for the chronic lack of weights. Blow some motivation vibes up my way will you.

Kek said...

OMG...It's midnight??!! How on earth did that happen? Here i was..played a game of Pictionary with Bike Boy and the kiddiewinks, then sat down to answer a "few" emails (seems everyone's getting in early for a New Year challenge thingie), and suddenly it's tomorrow! Geez.

I better get my arse into bed, sice I have to go do an upper bod workout tomorrow, then train a client, then do a million other things....

Motivation vibes? Uh. Yeah.

SeLiNa said...

Hey that's ME!!!!!!!!
LoL, hey send some of those vibes my way too huh!

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