Saturday, December 09, 2006

*cough, wheeze*

This is what we woke up to this morning:

That's the view from our front door - and no, it's not the moon on a cloudy night. That, people, is THE SUN at just after 7:00am on a cloudless summer day. We are engulfed in smoke from the (thankfully) quite distant bushfires. Let me tell you, the smoke is playing hell with my asthma. I can usually get away with taking no meds at all - right now, I'm taking double and even triple doses. :(

And here is the beautiful view of the Kinglake ranges that I see every week on the scenic drive to my 9:00am Saturday client:

What? You can't see any mountains? Yeah, that would be because of the even thicker smoke up that way. And as if reduced visibility and difficulty breathing weren't enough challenges to deal with, this morning I had to dodge stray sheep wandering about on the road. I missed this one by *that* much:

At least life's interesting.


Got my email sorted - I'm still waiting for some billing issues to be fixed, but they've promised to ring me Monday to make sure my website doesn't suddenly go *poof* and disappear off the internet. We'll see.....


Debstar said...

I've been hearing about the fires on the news. Sounds so bad. I'm guessing it must be hot as right now.
I hope your asthma doesn't get too bad. Last time we had smoke like that I was in hell with sinus for weeks after the smoke had gone away. I think asthma would be far worse.

Sara said...

Your fires are front page Press today:,2106,3894774a12,00.html
Hmm, that's a dramatic headline, but not to worry, a plane full of NZ Firefighters has been dispatched to try and help. They'll be the super cute ones. ;)

Kek said...

I finally caved in and turned on the aircon at 3:00pm. Of course, it's sucking smoke into the house, but at least it's cool....

Hope our smoke alarms don't start going off.

Things are looking pretty grim, with several fires joining up into one front today. We've been on the phone to the in-laws, and they're safe so far.

Experts are predicting this could be as bad as the fires in '83, or even back in '39. I remember the '83 many people died. :( Let's hope nothing so bad happens this time.

Anonymous said...

It sure is scarey isn't it? There's a feeling of doom all around. We're in much the same way Kerryn- really smokey and eerie.

Sara said...

I remember 'Ash Wednesday', we studied it in school. Kerryn, seeing as I'm clueless about Australia, how far away are those fires? Hopefully you will be safe (even if a little breathless!).

MTB Girl said...

Kek, I was wondering how your in-laws were doing. I'm glad to hear they're OK at the moment. Don't worry, ACT firies are on the way too! They definitely include some cute ones, as a friend's husband is on his way there.

I certainly hope this ends up nothing like Ash Wednesday. I am wishing for some smokeless air for you.

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