Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hairy Christmas to all

On Tuesday I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to get taken care of. So I rang my salon to book in for a bikini wax. Normally I can ring and ask for an appointment the next day, or even later the same day and - no problem.

Instead, I got lots of hmms and umms while the girl checked for a vacant appointment, and then finally she says: "We only have one appointment left for this week, and it's at a ridiculous time, but if that doesn't suit you, you'll have to go on our waiting list" WAITING LIST? Who goes on a waiting list for a waxing appointment? What, has every female in my suburb got a hot date coming up or something? Or are they all expecting to receive G-strings in their Christmas stockings?

Anyway, I took the appointment. At 10:30pm tonight. *yawn* Past my bedtime, but that'll teach me to be better organised in future.


SeLiNa said...

You mean they actually TAKE appointments at that time of nite?!? My golly gosh, oh to live in a city!!!
There'll be no drifting off to sleep in THAT appointment, hehe, regardless of what time it is!!!
Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

What! That late! Hopefully those girls are on a caffeine high to do it properly LOL.

Sairs said...

It's all us single women that think maybe, just maybe, we might get a bit of action tonight. Seeing as it's the Friday before Christmas and town is full of boys out on benders! :-)
Not really. I'm planning an early one tonight actually... So good luck with staying up until your appt!
Would you believe, that the lady that plucks my eyebrows has a 2 month waiting list?! Man, who knows what their eyebrows are going to look like in 60 days time?!! I'm just glad I'm in her normal rotation now!
Have a fun weekend Christmas Kek, and a beautiful day on Monday! xxxx

Deb said...

10:30?! You've got determination!

Kek said...

Well, I WAS a little sleepy when I left, but when I got back home I was (strangely) wide awake!

Deb said...

Silly girl! Tired...waxed...home..awake!
Clean as a whistle! LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is the busiest time of year for a beautician. Appointments can start filling up 3 months in advance for the week beforehand.

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