Friday, December 08, 2006


Gah!!! I am so cranky!

This week has been more than little trying. Let me list my frustrations:

1. Lack of sleep. This started on Sunday night with Bike Boy tossing and turning all night and thus keeping me awake. I somehow went a little short on sleep Monday night (too tired to remember why or how), Tuesday could not get to sleep, Wednesday succumbed to the urge to have a nana nap...and again on Thursday... resulting in staying up late. And now I'M TIRED.

2. The aforementioned internet/email issues. Best say no more on that subject lest my head explode with anger.

3. Bike Boy's absence today while he attends some meeting in Canberra (again). This means he won't be back till at least 8:30pm. I have a client at 5:00pm, won't get home till at least 6:30, the kids need to be fed at some point.... *sigh*

4. Trying to complete The Middle Child's booklist. This is apparently designed as some sort of IQ test for parents. Or maybe a test of your psychic abilities. Which books belong to which subject? Is the P.E. textbook required for all 3 P.E. electives, or only one, or what? I sent my son to the office to ask. The answer? "I don't know". Yeah, thanks - I am not buying $85 worth of books if he doesn't need them! Looks like I have to ring the school today....

5. To top it all off, my youngest two decided to have several fights this morning, which culminated in much yelling by me. Then The Baby cracked it when he was instructed to unload the dishwasher (his job anyway) and in the resulting temper tantrum dropped a glass on the kitchen floor. I so needed to break out the vacuum cleaner at 7:30am.

Oh goody - it's 8:00am. I can ring Netspace and make somebody else's life a misery. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Have a good day!! *grins*

Tracey said...

That sounds almost like my days Kek!! It will only get better for you.

Tracey said...

That sounds almost like my days Kek!! It will only get better for you.

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