Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ho, Ho, Ho!

This week I'm wavering between YAY! Christmas is almost here! and Oh CRAP! Christmas is almost here! I'm excited, I can't wait, and yet I have so-o-o-o much still to do!

The littlest elf at my house loves anything Christmassy (I'm going to be all boo-hoo when he grows up and is too cool for this stuff), so when he went out with Bike Boy the other day to the shops and came back with this hat, I wasn't the least bit surprised:
It's a little hard to see, but it has elf ears on the sides. Cute? You bet!

Then he had to go find the other hats he's collected from previous Christmases:

And finally, he decided to put all of them on at the same time:

Cute, yes. Crazy, definitely. Takes after his Dad.


MTB Girl said...

Hahaha Kek - that little elf takes after you! I can see it all in his grin :)

Thanks for helping me along with the Christmas cheer - I was lacking it a bit.

Debstar said...

Cute Kek, cute. When he's old enough to move out I'm sure the oldest lad will have some grandkids for you so you can still have fun with little ones on Xmas Day. And just think they will go away at the end of the day when they're all hyped up with too much sugar & excitement. Bonus.
Did you really post that at 10.56??!! Just when I thought you were reforming from the late nights.

Kek said...

Oops, sprung! Yes, I was up late Deb, but that's because I have no early starts this week - can you hear me cheering?

Sara said...

OMG he is too too cute Kek! What a little heartbreaker! (Though I'd expect nothing less from such good looking parents.)

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