Sunday, December 03, 2006

I love birthdays!

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes. :-D

The cake turned out to be a chocolate Toblerone cheesecake - YUM! .....Thank God it has no calories - thanks for reminding me, Sara, I may have lain awake worrying all night otherwise. ;-)

Here we are with our cake:

And blowing out the candles. I saw this shot and had one of those OH MY GOD! moments, when I realised how much like me he is......And I did manage to get the Christmas tree all done, with the help of The Baby. I even have a few presents under it:

All up, it was a good day - no, I didn't front up for the Sussan classic. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to train properly, and this last week was more than a bit stressful as it was. And I really needed the sleep this monring - we had a houseful of 14-year-old boys last night. I AM registered for the 70km Amy's ride on the 6th January though, so I'll have to pull my finger out and get pedalling.

Now I just have to go do the ironing, find school uniforms and pack my gym bag for the morning, and I can get to bed.


liz said...

Happy birthday from me! Hope you enjoyed your day. That cake looked divine! Liz.

Deb said...

Happy belated girlfriend!!!! Aday all about 'me' is always fabulous! I see you're a Channel girl too (great taste). Your (not so) littel guy is adorable. Family, health, and've got it all. ;)

Sara said...

You really look great for 27! :D

Sairs said...

I'm patiently waiting by the letter box for my piece of cake to arrive. Shame I will have to freeze it until Friday for my next cheat meal!!
LOL - happiest of birthdays Kek, sorry I'm a bit belated in the sentiment. Actually it's not belated as such, I'm just helping to make your birthday last! xxx

Kek said...

As a wise woman once said (OK, it was NickiB).... "your birthday isn't over till the last present is received". I'm sure that can be extended to wishes as well.

Anonymous said...

And a happy belated birthday from me too! Looks as though you had an awesome day and OMG TOBLERONE CHEESECAKE!!! I swear that is the food of the gods themselves :-D

Anonymous said...

My birthday message on the previous post went missing? Sounds like a great day and the cake looks divine.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!! I can't put pressies under our tree, my 2 y.o. will wreck them LOL So far the tree survives but there is less and less bells or balls.

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