Saturday, December 23, 2006


I'm feeling way more relaxed today. On Wednesday I was a stressed-out, neurotic, nerve-twanging nightmare, with thoughts of all that needed to be done pre-Christmas whirling around in a confused mess in my head. There was the cleaning, the food shopping, the last minute checking of lists, the extra chairs, dishes and cutlery to borrow, the deck to clear and organise so we can fit the enormous table on it, clients still to train, programs to be written, programs to be amended, emails to answer......aargh!!

And then at some point on Thursday, I decided that it would all get done...somehow...and whatever didn't get done was just no big deal.

So, with a day and a half to go, the house is MOSTLY clean and tidy, the deck is ALMOST clear, the presents are all taken care of, I've trained my last client, finished and emailed my new programs, and done some of the updates I need to do. I still have to go buy food, and clean the showers (no really, the mould is out of control!), mop the floors, do some more washing, ring my mother to get her to hunt out some extra crockery and stuff, and about a hundred other things, but we're getting there - and I'm still relaxed. And smiling.

I would have all the food bought and put away by now if I hadn't stayed up late and drunk wa-a-a-y too much wine last night. My plan to be at the stupidmarket at 7:00am kind of went by the wayside when I woke up with a wee hangover and decided to stay in bed. Oops.

I'm off to battle the grumpy stressed-out hordes at Coles now. There might be a parking spot left somewhere - I'd walk if I didn't have 17 billion bags to carry home. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Merry Merry Kek we saw only a few posts back? The one that Loved EVERYTHING to do with Christmas Including the crowds at the shops. LOL

Kek said...

Ha! I never said I loved the crowds, was more like I was laughing at them.

I may have been a bit overwhelmed for a short while there, but at least I was still smiling. :D

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