Friday, December 01, 2006

Summer rocks!

Why, you ask? Well of course, apart from the fact that it's warm, sunny, has longer days, you're able to hang out at the beach, the park or anywhere kind of outdoorsy and the part where it is NOT SUCKY WINTER, there is also nice scenery to behold.

This morning I was training a client at the local athletics track, and there was the usual bunch of walkers and runners doing their Friday morning workouts. But there was this one guy we hadn't seen before, doing his own kind of boot-camp style workout, which involved hundreds of squats, pushups and crunches, shoulder pressing a couple of bricks and running the 400m track with a car tyre in each hand. Yeah, that looked like fun.

Anyway, it was a nice warm day and he had his shirt off.... and all I can say is mmm-mmm. THEN another jogger turned up, and ditched his shirt after the first lap and YUM, it was buff man heaven down there today.

Funny, I got a bit distracted and lost count of how many reps my client had done - more than once. Not that she minded, she was enjoying the view too. :)


MTB Girl said...


Sara said...

A car tyre in each hand? I gotta try that. I should get at least 5 metres!

Debstar said...

Naughty Kek, you should keep your mind on your client at all times!!!

That kind of training just makes you feel like anything you do is sucky. I mean running around a 400m track with car tyres? I'd be hard pressed running around a track with 3kg weights.

Man now I think I need to review the programme I made up for myself.

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