Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Testing, testing

I have a Gmail account, which I never use... after all, I have 3 other email accounts and I really think 4 is just excessive.... So mostly, I use my Gmail address when I have to give an email addy for some website that I suspect is going to send me huge amounts of crap that I really don't need clogging up my REAL email.

Anyway, today I realised that I hadn't actually logged into Gmail for about a million years, so I took a quick look. Yes, there was a stack of spam, a bazillion offers from Readers Digest (apparently I have a guaranteed chance to win. Woohoo!) and the results of an online IQ test that I forgot I even took a couple of months ago. And, according to Tickle tests, I have an IQ of 133... which it seems, makes me pretty darn smart.

My results showed that I scored in the 100th percentile on mathematical intelligence, logical intelligence and linguistic intelligence, and in the 80th percentile on visual-spatial intelligence. That last one surprised me, since I am MapGirl - I really thought I'd have scored higher there. Bike Boy almost wet his pants at the revelation that I'm good at maths..... but I have to admit that I actually am, I've just hidden it well all these years. I can do it, I just don't really like it. It does explain why I find percentages, fractions and ratios such a breeze. And spreadsheet formulas, I guess....

Me and my big brain are off to do something clever now.....or maybe have a nana nap.

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