Monday, December 04, 2006

What not to do on one's birthday:

I tried to upload this pic yesterday, but Blogger didn't want to play nice.

So...note how FABULOUS I look at approximately 8:15pm on my birthday in 1992. Let's see..... blotchy red face - check. Mad hair - check. Puffy, fluidy face and hands - check. Oh-so-flattering backless hospital gown - check. Utterly gorgeous baby boy in my arms - check!

Man, how did that tiny little thing get to be as tall as me?


Anonymous said...

You still have the great big smile!
Oh he is cute.
I had the same prob yesterday, couldn't load any pics. Glad to hear it might have been blogger's fault.

Sara said...

Aw so cute! Is he the one I caught that awful flu from? .. nah, someone so cute couldn't possibly be to blame. Or, if it was him, I am all forgiveness now.


Kek said...

Well, it was either him or his smaller, equally germy brother...

I tell ya, kids are a hazard to your health!

Anonymous said...

But with that beautiful glow from motherhood. Nothing beats that.

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