Saturday, December 30, 2006

Woo! ...and Hoo!!

This morning, I slept in. This is a major occurrence in my life - I do not sleep in. Bike Boy woke me with a loving embrace at around 6:30-ish, to which I responded with "Nuhhnn". Or something equally intelligible. He disappeared (apparently I was making a hideous noise, thanks to my perforated septum .....don't ask) and came back to wake me at around 9:00am. Whaddya know? A really-truly sleep in!

So, after cooking up my traditional oats 'n milk 'n just a dash of honey breakfast, we set out on a bike ride. It was only 20km, but I have to say my loving spouse was extremely patient, mostly keeping his pace to my pathetic crawl and every now and then circling back to make sure I was still following him. We followed the Darebin Creek path, which has some NICE my heart rate up into the 160s a couple of times. :)

I was pleasantly surprised, since I know my C-V fitness is sadly lacking at the mo'....but I did WAY better than the last time we rode that track. I may just survive Amy's Ride next weekend after all. At the very least, I felt really cool in my Netti nicks and Nike jersey. :p


Deb said...

Sounds like a perfect morning! I should get out on my 'real' bike more but to me, that spin class is sooooooo convenvient.

Debstar said...

Good for you Kerryn. It's most important to LOOK the part. Maybe you'll have to change your name to Trendy Bike Girl from now on. he he

Kathryn said...

6.30 is a sleep in? The only way I'd consider that is if it was 6.30 PM!

Good luck with the ride.

SeLiNa said...

noice work! The sleep-in that is ;) LoL
You'll blitz the ride next week :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! You must have needed a sleep in!

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