Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Gah. Ack. I'm sick.

I've been sick since Sunday night, and I'm not enjoying it one bit. I don't GET sick, not me, I'm superhuman or something. When all around me are succumbing to colds, flus, gastro or the plague, I just sail on, healthy as a horse.

My head feels a bit like it may explode at any second, my nose is uncomfortably congested and I have that achey, hot-one-second, cold-the-next thing going on. I'm sure I must have a fever, but the thermometer says not. I think it's lying. I'm sweating like I just did a killer cardio workout on a 40-degree day. I must have a fever, right? ......Or maybe it's just the 3 coffees I've already had this morning.

To top it off, the tennis elbow is pretty dire (translation: BLOODY AGONISING!), and I'm resorting to typing with my left hand. Very frustrating. Not to mention slow. And I still have 5 billion emails to answer.

I may just stay in my PJs all day, watch daytime TV and drink tea.


Deb said...

I had a 'stay in my pj's all day' kind of day to, but I'm o.k. Hope you're feeling soon!
Won't a glass of wine correct that situation?!

Kek said...

Mmm, sounds good, but 10:15am is maybe a little early in the day for wine.

Debstar said...

Awww Poor Kerryn. I'll blow you a kiss from afar. There's just no way I'll come up close to someone with sick germs. Hope you're feeling better soon.

My heart goes out to you over the tennis elbow. I've been there done that. Couldn't even pick up a cup at one stage. If the massage doesn't work you could try a chiropractor.

Kek said...

Ta for the sympathy Deb...I've been having chiropractic treatment for months, only stopped before Christmas because I got busy.

Gee, you think there's a connection to my injury flaring up again? Better go back for some more torture. The adjustments I can handle, it's the massage I hate - she gets her little pointy fingers into all the sorest bits. She's evil I tell ya, EVIL!

Unknown said...

What happened to the healthy girlie of yesterday??? Sorry you're not well though- what about hot water and lemon? or.... hot water and whiskey?

Kek said...

Well, I was sick yesterday too, but at least it's just a bug, not the kind of dire problems I always used to suffer from. You know, the sort that makes doctors bring in other doctors, or bunches of medical students, because you're an 'interesting' case?

The lurgy seems to be on it's way now. Hopefully I'll wake up all cured tomorrow.

Amy said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Debstar said...

Kerryn, I just thought of another suggestion for the Tennis Elbow, though you have probably tried it. You need to roll a tennis ball across a wall using your forrarm. Use your body weight to determine the pressure. Also do this to your bicep. Do it a couple of times during the day.
Does that make sense? DO NOT dig into your forearm with your fingers, that will just make matters worse.
I find if I massage with a ball this way I need to give it a rest the next day as it is does work the muscles somewhat. If you haven't tried it before it might be worth a go.

Sara said...

Vitamin C loading will do the trick. Watch out for the - uh - side effects if you go too hard core on it though!

Hope you are feeling better today sweetie!


Jadey said...

Not good to hear Kek. I hope you are well on your way to feeling 100% again today.

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