Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bike obsession

I've just been to the bike shop to get some gloves, and while I was there, I had a browse around, as you do. They had some nice jerseys, all sorts of handy knick-knacks and gadgets, but I ended up grilling the sales guy about bike trainers. Now I've decided that I desperately want one. It's a bit cheaper than a decent quality stationary bike and takes up a lot less room.

The idea of getting up in mid-winter and trundling off to the gym to sit on one of their crappy bikes and do intervals for half an hour just doesn't appeal. I did look at spin bikes (again, the room issue), but those things are WAY overpriced at $1000.

I wonder what's going on eBay......


Debstar said...

I so want a spin bike. Just can't justify the money. Plus I keep thinking that if I had one at home I'd probably keep saying I'll ride it soon but never get around to it.

Deb said...

I've checked e-bay for spin bikes and they actually had some! I have a bike trainer, but I'm one of those girls that needs to be at the gym to make it happen. I'm not diciplined enough at home. What an excuse, huh? ;)

Stubby said...

We have one of those bike trainer thingies at home and hubby loves it. He hasn't set it up since our move but he is going to do so, so I can put my bike on it and do some pedalling and burning off of calories...

Sairs said...

Don't buy one Kek, I'll try and get mine over to you.
Mind you, postage might be just as expensive!
I bought one a couple of months back, used it once and decided that I would never unpack it again.
Just not my thing. I'd rather ride outside, or go to the gym.
So you are more than welcome to it.

Hannelie said...

I so agree with you about the bike-bug, once it bites it's there for ever. My hubby also cycled since High school and got me hooked, each birthday I want a bike gadget, got the gloves for a while now and my Cat Eye, I love it, lights back and front, but I still want a hydration back pack this year, sick of dropping my water bottle by accident and have to stop for the damn thing.
Good luck in your search, I probably will go for the trainer too.

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