Thursday, January 11, 2007

Books, books, books

Books on my "must read" list:

Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet.
I love this woman - she's (almost)
my age, a latecomer to fitness and she looks FAB!

Better go find the credit card and put in an order.

Bill Phillips' Transformation: How to change EVERYTHING .
Who can resist a book that promises to tell you everything about something-or-other? And hey, it's Bill....

Of course, I've had this one on order from Amazon since August.

John Berardi's The Metabolism Advantage.

Thanks to Sara for putting me onto this one.
I'm going shopping to see if I can find it tomorrow.

And my good friend Debs just sent me these:

Lynn Lingenfelter's Thrive High and

The Top 100 International Low-fat recipes

One can never have too many cookbooks. :p

That lot should keep me busy for a while.

Edit note: No luck finding the John Berardi book - A & R have to order it from the US, which takes 6-8 weeks and costs a bomb. Darn it! Think I'll order it online instead.


Anonymous said...

check out bill's HAIR!! he's totally out of the 90s and into the noughties now :P

Kek said...

Weird...I switched to the new Blogger and now all my comments are from 'anonymous'.

That Anonymous sure gets around!

You're so right about the hair Shauna - I hadn't really noticed. *sigh* I love Bill....

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