Friday, January 12, 2007

Debs, you rock!

Whilst picking up the last of the school supplies this morning at the newsagent, I had to go see if there were any new fitness mags to feed my addiction. On the shelf was the March issue of Fitness Life, a Kiwi mag that I've bought once or twice. I wasn't really going to buy it, but flicked through it, just in case there was a must-have article.....and found an interview with my friend, Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion, Debbie Rossi. So what could I do? Of course I had to buy it.

Debs said something in the article that really struck home, so I'm going to quote it:

"....see food as fuel, and not as a response to an emotion. Many people react to their emotions with food. I say, if you are happy, laugh, if you are sad, ring a friend, if you are angry, do a kickboxing class. If you need a reward, then buy a CD or a good book. Don't turn to food to feed your emotions...."

Must tattoo that on my forehead for the next time I'm pissed off and chocolate seems like a good idea.


Debstar said...

My first thought when I saw that photo was....there's the abs I want...there's the shoulders I want
THAT'S THE BODY I WANT. About the only thing I think we have in common here is the name. *sob Debbie looks fantastic.

Fresh Fit & Fab said...

Gawd, she looks awesome...I wanna be her when I grow up, lol!!! I love her quote. xox

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