Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dust bunnies? More like dust BEARS!

Today, I have been spring-cleaning. Yes, yes, I know it's summer...don't confuse me with facts, OK? To be precise, I have been spring-cleaning Number One Son's bedroom. Oh, the horror!! I'll spare you the details of the various bits of grot that were removed from under his bed, but let me tell you, I feel badly in need of a stiff Scotch about now.

The reason for this industriousness was that we bought said son a new bed for Christmas - a double bed. He requested a larger bed, since a) he is technically a grown-up, and b) he's, shall we say, a larger lad and was finding the single bed we bought him at age 10 a little inadequate.

So, the new bed was delivered today and HE was supposed to remove the old bed, throw out all the unnecessary crap he'd accumulated and then clean - you know, dust, vaccuum etc - before the delivery guys arrived. First of all, of course, it took me an hour to make him get out of bed, beginning at 9:00am. Then he stood in the middle of the room scratching his head and scowling for a good 10 minutes. Then he began removing things, oh-so-sloooooowly. So of course I cracked it, grabbed a huge garbage bag, elbowed him out of the way, and did most of it myself. Took about 3 and a half hours.....there are still some things to be done, but at least it's habitable.

Once I had the room clean, mostly tidy, and his new bed all made up with new pillows, quilt and linen, I stood back to admire my work..... smoothed a little wrinkle from the quilt cover.... straightened a which point my overgrown infant of a son wandered in, said "cool!" and then dived head-first onto the bed, sending pillows everywhere.

He's gone to work now, so I've remade it all nice again. :) I even took a picture, since it will probably never look like this again.

If he goes out partying tonight and doesn't come home, I might go sleep there myself.


Kathryn said...

Isn't the #1 rule of mothering - don't look under your teenage son's bed?

Lucky there was only dust under there, but then again if he stuff he didn't want Mum to see he might have been a lot keener to clean it out himself ;)

Kek said...

Ha! There was WAY more than dust, including used band-aids, lolly wrappers, old batteries, dead insects....and 3 odd girls' socks. He thinks they belong to his ex-girlfriend, who he broke up with some time in 2005. Or maybe some other girl. *sigh* Whosever they were, they went in the bin.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I have a son like that, lucky you only found old girl friends' socks. I can't tell about the things I found under my son's bed... yuk! All of the above and more...including some hamburger left-overs that, if left a bit longer, would have grown legs and walked out of the room by their own volition.

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious.

Sairs said...

Tee hee. My favourite part of this whole post is the fact that snuggled between the pillows is a sweet teddy bear!! Was that your doing Kek? C'mon, 'fess up!

Kek said... caught me out Sairs - I did add the teddy.

But it IS his teddy that he's had since he was born. I have actually found him sound asleep with Teddy cuddled in his arms some mornings.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely. WE are comtemplating buying new beds too for the tweens here.
They've been on their second hand ones for 7 years now since I immigrated over.
But money money money!

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