Thursday, January 25, 2007


My copy of The Metabolism Advantage just arrived! YAY!!

I caved and ordered Precision Nutrition too - hopefully that will be here by the end of next week. I'm soooo addicted to fitness and nutrition books.

I'm off to do some reading - my arm needs a rest from typing anyway.


Sairs said...

How exciting Kek, waiting with baited breath to hear all about it!

Is that the right saying? Baited breath? Or is it bated? That makes more sense, baited sounds like you've eaten some AntRid or something!

MTB Girl said...

Hey Kek, I'm anxiously awaiting news on the book - it looks like it would be really good!

Deb said...

Don't you love getting THAT kind of mail?!? Let me know what you think!!!! It looks interesting. Did I mention I have enough books in my fitness library to choke a *$%^#... Can't read and research enough! ;)

Flea said...

Looks good, I'm keeping an eye out for them at my local shops now too.

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