Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I went and got that blood taken this morning, straight after my workout. And yes, I did survive without breakfast till 9:30....but boy, was I hungry!

I always give people who stick needles in me a rating - anaesthetists are generally pretty good at it, nurses are mostly OK, but there's a huge variance between staff at those pathology places. Anyway, the woman I got this morning WAS going to get a 'A', because not only did it not hurt at all, but she was actually pleasant and chatty (as opposed to the usual surly, personality-bypass types I seem to get).

But that was before I was drinking my coffee at home and looked down to see spots of blood on my sleeve. Whaaa? The puncture site had bled right through the little dressing, and I now have a beautiful burgundy-coloured raised bruise, about the size of a 5-cent piece.

She gets an 'F'.


Drea said...

She'd obviously got a fat juicy vein and sometimes it doesn't take much for them to bleed again especially if you're moving your arm around a lot. I still reckon she deserves an A, once you left the path place her resposibility ended!! It's hard work taking bloods & i being a nurse i have to stick up for path-girl!

Petra said...

Yep... have to agree. She still deserves an A. Hehe... I am a nurse too and know about bleeding veins after venepuncture.

One thing a lot of people do wrong and then blame the poor nurse is they don't keep the pressure on teh 'stab site'. You may feel a bit silly walking around with a finger firmly place into your 'cubital fossa', but you need to have pressure on that vein for at least 5 minutes to help it close and secondly... keep you arm straight for that time.

Anesthetists being good... hmm... The only one's that are good are those who also work on babies... The rest... you just can't remember how much they prodded and poked you because you get magical drugs that mess up your short term memory. I should know...I am an anesthetics nurse.

Debstar said...

I had anaesthetic done on that area between side of nose and cheek. I cannot tell you how much it hurt. Actually I tensed up so much that the end of the syringe popped off. It sounded like a gun going off & it was a wonder I didn't wet myself. So the doctor tells me not to tense up so much, that's after I thought I'd been shot!!! That guy got a FF or maybe it should be a F-off from me.

Unknown said...

If she hit the vein, then the bleeding is just unfortunate. I once had a nurse that shoved the needle in and then moved it around like a joystick trying to find the vein - a minute later she still hadn't found it and I began blubbing because it was so horrible! And THEN I had to go and do it all again since she never got any blood in the first place O_O

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