Sunday, January 07, 2007

Goal number 1 ticked off!

I survived! Well, obviously, since I'm here, blogging.....

I won't go through the ENTIRE day's events - indelibly imprinted on my memory though they are - but here's a brief synopsis:

  • I rode over 75km!
  • Bike Boy was very patient with me....he got a bit tight-lipped once or twice, but resisted the urge to yell "get a move on, you useless cow", or anything similar.
  • The heat was pretty extreme
  • The flies were EXTREMELY extreme
  • The ride into Queenscliff was pretty good - the last bit was even fun, lots of downhill stretches.
  • The 15km leg from Queenscliff to Drysdale was pure torture - uphill and into a headwind of approximately 40kmh
  • I rode over 75km!
  • I learned what a difference 'drafting' makes - riding just off the rear wheel of the person infront, so they block the wind and pull you along in their draft.....
  • When you sweat a lot, you don't pee much (well, I thought that was interesting)
  • Getting a hamstring cramp when I was already tired, hot, frustrated and only managing a pitiful 10kmh, thanks to the wind, made me cry :( But only for a few seconds.
  • Carbohydrate gels and Powerade are a cyclist's best friends.
  • And did I mention I rode over 75km?

The return trip was slow and hard, and we got rained on just as we reached Geelong - which was a blessed, cool relief! My bike got sand in the gears or something and decided that it wasn't going to change down into the first range AT ALL, no matter how much my bike mechanic tried to adjust it. Thank you SO MUCH, bike!! That made the hills just that little bit more fun *grits teeth at the memory*. I have to confess to walking a couple of hills when my legs just didn't have the strength to get me up them in a higher gear....with the gale-force wind...or did I mention that already? But when we arrived back at the park where the start/finish line was, the final stretch was ALL uphill, and there was no way I was walking it, I'm way too stubborn for that. It took me forever to go that last 1km or so, but I made it. Yay, me!

I left the nutrition stuff up to Bike Boy, and he did a great job of planning it all. We started with a good brekky, then had some Catapult before starting. We drank Powerade, plus had gels and Powerbars during the ride. Lunch was a big chicken and salad roll, plus a serve of Race Recovery, then more gels, Powerbars, Powerade and one final dose of Race Recovery when we finished. Plus lots of water, of course.

Last night, my legs were really tired and I was sure I'd not be able to move today, but I'm actually not really sore....except for my butt (MUST get a proper female-contoured bike seat). I did take extra glutamine the last couple of days, but I put the lack of soreness down to the Race Recovery - this is seriously good stuff! I think I'm going to recommend this supplement to all my clients who do any kind of endurance training.

So, I'm doing one more ride...but only half that distance....and this time I will actually train for it. Yeah, let's see what a difference that makes.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on you hugs ride! That is amazing! And dont you just love bikes when they play up!


Anonymous said...

75kms is fantastic! Well done- I am most impressed. I could feel your pain up that last hill!!

SeLiNa said...

Well done!!! That's a great effort. Oh and thanks, you've managed to convince me to never ever ride 75kms in the wind... ever!

Anonymous said...

You rode 75km? Willingly?
Nuts! That's persistence, endurance and one sore arse!

Good on ya hun! That's fabulous.

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