Friday, January 19, 2007

Good news, bad news

I was feeling fairly crappy today - my tennis elbow is giving me hell, and I really have a lot of computer stuff to do. I'm actually sitting here with an ice pack tied to my arm with a tea towel.... I know - high-tech or what? Typing with one hand is sooooo slow!

As well, the kids are bickering constantly. When they do this, I usually tolerate it for a while, then eventually I snap and scream "Right! Outside! NOW!!!" and after half an hour or so of jumping on the trampoline or something equally energy-sapping, they're fine. Today, however, it is raining. Not just a shower, but a steady downpour. Which is great for the garden, the reservoirs and the bushfires, of course. Just not so great for kids on school holidays when Mum's busy working in the corner of the lounge room.

So, my day was not going so well, when the postman arrived with a parcel. A parcel for ME. I love getting parcels, I think it's my favourite thing in the whole world. Apart from chocolate. And really good champagne. :p

In the parcel was a bike saddle, sent to me all the way from Canberra by Amanda, because I complained somewhere on the net about my sore butt from cycling, and mentioned that *maybe* I might look into getting a female-contoured seat. She had a spare one she wasn't using, so she packed it up and posted it to me, bless her kind little heart! Now I get to test one out and see if it suits my... *ahem* ... anatomy, without spending megabucks.

That really brightened up my day. A great big *MWAH!* to you, Amanda! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times!


Speaking of parcels, Bike Boy got sick of fighting the kids for computer time, and got hisself a shiny new laptop, which was delivered to his office today. An Apple Mac, no less! That should be good for a lot of swearing, while he learns how to drive the thing....


Sairs said...

Isn't she just the bestest ever?
Generous to a fault that girl. I am the proud owner of some VERY stylish padded daks to help my bum out thanks to the one and only Manda.
And they even fit me now!
My bike won't know what hit it, it's never been ridden so much.
Yours too by the sound!

Unknown said...

Kerryn, I go to a sports manipulation person in Heidleburg who is really good for tennis elbows etc. She's about the only person who has ever helped with things like that. Let me know if you want her number- I would really recommend her.

MTB Girl said...

You're both very welcome! I hope you both like your bike stuff - I like to see people (esp. women) enjoy riding, so I like to help where I can. I'm so glad those short fit you Sereyna :) Now get out in them!

Kek, I hope the saddle suits you!

MTB Girl said...

Oh, and Macs are great - Alistair and I love ours. Incidentally, Alistair got a shiny new saddle and riding shoes in the mail today - for our anniversary! We're already up to 5 years.

Kek said...

Oh God, yes! Please do send me her details - Heidelberg isn't far and I sometimes have clients over that way. Thanks, Linda!

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