Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gym fashion no-nos

Witnessed this morning with my very own eyes:

# 1 - Black over sized t-shirt, teamed with a rainbow coloured SARONG over grey marle bike shorts. It was 6:00am and I thought perhaps I was still in my bed dreaming about Fiji…. But nope. No palm trees, no pool, no waiters bringing drinks with little umbrellas and nobody saying “Bula!”

#2 – Black crop pants, with a navy satin camisole. With knee-high nylon stockings. And black leather loafers, which she proceeded to remove and walk on the treadmill in her stockinged feet.

As my farm-bred best friend would say: The things you see when you haven’t got your gun….


Kathryn said...

What's sarong with people!

Bare feet at the gym... i've seen it before and it makes me wonder what the gym staff are up to. Surely there are regulations against that.

Unknown said...

Hey Kek,

I didn't know you had a blog! I have met you on the living in the suburbs forum.

Will be back!

Petra said...

Hi Kek...

yep it sure makes you wonder. I remember when I was a gym junky (a 100 years ago at least) I used to be very careful how I dressed... in the fashion stakes that was right up there with going out to a fancy dinner.

But yeah... what is is with fashion at the moment anyway?...

Unknown said...

Sarong? Stockinged feet and leather loafers? FIJI?


I sometimes see people in the gym with big earrings and lots of makeup on (trying to pull in one of the sweaty guys? Pity that most of them are too focused on their workout to even notice the people around them), but nothing anywhere near as... 'entertaining' as what you've just decribed o_0

[and randomly - the word verification text I was asked to type for this comment was 'cowjam'. Bahahaha]

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