Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm sure Pammie's relieved....

Last Sunday I got on the scales for my weekly weigh-in, looked at the number, went "hmm" and raised my eyebrows. Well, eyeBROW I should say ...I do that one-eyebrowed thing that Jana Wendt always used to do to lying politicians. Bike Boy calls it "the look" and dreads seeing it aimed in his direction ...but as usual, I digress. Then I stepped off the scales and just got on with my day. I did NOT head straight to the supermarket and emerge clutching a gourmet yoghurt, family block of chocolate, box of Tim Tam balls. And maybe some Pods just for good measure. (Yes, I admit, this has been known to happen - ridiculous behaviour though it may be for a supposedly intelligent woman).

My weight was up considerably, partly due to my numerous indulgences over Christmas, but also because of the massive carb-loading I did for the bike ride last Saturday. And although I must have burned a truckload of glycogen on the ride, I replaced a fair bit of it with supplements and a nice big serve of rice at dinner.

I also had some seriously weird hormonal stuff going on. Now, I'm not one to blame my hormones for binge eating, weight gains or anything else normally, but I woke up one morning about a week and a half ago with Pamela Anderson's boobs. Seriously. I'm sure she must have been searching everywhere for them. Bike Boy was fairly delighted. Me...not so much. So in spite of a solid week of training and clean eating, the scale reading wasn't a huge surprise.

Today I dragged out the scales again and stepped onto them with fingers crossed. And discovered my weight had dropped 1.8kg. - In 6 days. I checked measurements and my chest has reduced by 4cm. Phew! I'm nicely on track so far and feeling pretty damn motivated. :)

I've decided I'm going to start tracking my BF% readings, just for fun. Should be interesting, given the reliability (*snort*) of my good old Tanita scales. I'll check this afternoon, when they're likely to be a little more accurate and see what crazy number they give me.


Deb asked for details of my workout program, so OK, here goes....

Keep in mind that this is what I do, not necessarily what's right for anyone else. It's designed around my current goals (muscle gain, weight maintenance and some slight improvements in fitness, plus training for one more bike ride) and it's working pretty well so far.


This is a 2-day split, which I only do 2 days a week - I could do it 3 times a week, but time constraints make that tough at the moment.

Day 1
25 bodyweight squats to warm up
Leg extensions 3 x 8
Smith squats or hack squats 3 x 8
Leg press - unilateral (that's one-legged) 3 x 8
Leg press 3 x 8
Fitball hamstring curls - one-legged 3 x 8 (this is because of my dodgy back - hamstring curl machines are a no-go)
Dumbbell alternating lunges 3 x 8
Machine calf raise 3 x 8
Hanging leg raises 3 x 12-15
Fitball crunches 3 x 12-15

Day 2
25 pushups to warm up
Machine shoulder press 3 x 8
Lateral raises supersetted with bent over lateral raises 3 x 8
Bench press 3 x 8
Incline DB bench press 3 x 8
Tricep pushdowns supersetted with tricep pushups 3 x 8
Lat pulldowns 3 x 8
Seated row 3 x 8
Dumbbell bicep curls supersetted with hammer curls 3 x 8
All weights are as heavy as I can manage, reps are nice and slow and rest intervals are 20-30 seconds.
Cardio at the moment is 2 interval sessions (I'm doing one running outdoors and the other on the hated stationary bike) plus a long bike ride. And I try to walk whenever I can.
That's it, apart from a few intervals or the odd set of squats or pushups or whatever with clients.


Kathryn said...

The scales seem to go mad at this time of year. Mine are all over the place!

I've never understood - do squats and leg presses do the same thing? I always do both but I'm not sure why.

Btw had to laugh at your last post. At my gym, they have a bicep curl machine! That is just wack - a whole big machine cos people won't pick up a dumbbell?

Kek said...

Just for the record, BF% was 26.1. Yeah, sure. I'd accept maybe 22.

Time to watch THAT number go down, down, down!

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