Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have more work to do than you can poke a stick at (what DOES that mean? And why would you even want to poke sticks at things anyway?) and am seriously on a roll here, with program-writing and email-answering. However, apparently I must cease immediately so that I can drive The Middle Child to the games shop to pick up the very latest World of Warcraft expansion pack that was released at midnight last night.

My priorities are obviously all wrong. Obviously.


Kathryn said...

I used to tell my son that I didn't want to be any part of his nerdiness, but would end up being suckered into anyway.

Yeah I don't get why you'd poke a stick at work either - maybe to keep it from avalanching down on you :)

Kek said...

Sadly, my offspring had no chance of escaping the nerdiness gene. Bike Boy and I were the first people we knew to own a computer... back in about 1983(?) and would spend hours playing Hero's Quest and other role-playing games. Personally, I had a serious addiction to platform games, like Donkey Kong, Magic Pockets and Lemmings. I LOVED Lemmings! I also clocked Shaft Raider within a couple of weeks of owning it.

Aah, memories of my misspent youth!

Deb said...

I think my 16 year old plays that game. I bought him gift cards for Christmas. Isn't it amazing how much we do in a day?!?

just one chickie said...

World of warcraft? sooo addictive! I had an old boyfriend who could play 12hrs straight - and get up at 5am on a sunday just to do so!!!
But then who am I to talk - I was also addicted lemmings back in the day - if only I had that kid of time now...

Ironayla said...

I will sadly admit to playing the game myself. My husband loves to play computer games, and since we don't have kids, it is something we do together.

I also just wanted to say hi. I just found your site and have started lifting weights myself. :)

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