Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kicking goals....and new goals

My week has continued well after my sterling start on New Year's Day. I've done two KILLER weights workouts, been out on the bike twice, and been for a good power walk. And it's only Thursday. Go, me! As for food....I couldn't be any more virtuous if I tried. *dusts off halo*

I started thinking about my 2007 fitness goals before Christmas, but just couldn't get my head around them while I was madly preparing for the festive season. Or while I was existing in some kind of carb-induced brain fug. Urggh. Last week though, I finally started seriously thinking, researching, weighing up my options and trying to make some decisions.

One area I want to improve is my cardio fitness. I let that slip last year, while I was focusing on reshaping my body. Power walking is great for fat loss, but doesn't do much for your heart and lungs. So I thought maybe entering a series of events over the year would keep me motivated with my training - without a specific goal, I tend to get a bit slack about cardio. I'm already doing Amy's Ride this weekend, but I also found the Melbourne Summer Cycle event on February 25, the Brighton Bay run on March 4 and (of course) I'll do the Mothers Day Classic in May.

Then I turned my thoughts to weight training goals.....I think I'll aim for a short term goal of leg-pressing 200kg (that's 440 pounds, for those of you who don't speak Metric). That shouldn't take too long, I'm already at 160. I need a bench press goal...or maybe a target number of tricep pushups or unassisted pullups. Still nutting those out.

Whilst mulling all this over for a few days, there was a niggling little thought in the back of my mind that kept trying to push its way to the front. A little voice that kept saying What about that figure competition thing you were going to do? You didn't do anything about it last year...are you gonna let another year go by? That bloody voice kept getting louder and louder, until I couldn't ignore it any longer.

So, I had a little chat to my trainer, and here's the news:

Starting in March, I'm going to begin training for a competition. There. I've said it. I'm committed. Eeek!

The date is yet to be decided, but it may be September. It might not be till early next year though - we still have to sort a whole lot of details out. I think it's the WFF comps that I'm looking at. No, not one of those pretend wrestling mobs...that's the World Fitness Federation. I'll still train online with Michael Tabban, as I've done for the last 12 months, although my training will change quite a bit. Closer to the comp date, I'll trek over to Richmond on a regular basis, to do some training and posing practice and whatnot at the gym.

Meanwhile, I'm still going to train for the Feb 24th bike ride - it's only 30km, but the course goes OVER THE WESTGATE BRIDGE! I hate driving up that hill! Should be a challenge - there'll be a great view from the top anyways, long as we don't get blown off by the gale-force winds that are often blowing up there....

And I'll skip the Brighton Bay run, but I will do the Mothers Day Classic - although I may have to walk it. *sigh* I can live with that, but I'll feel like a wimp.

Sooooo...the decision is made and it feels right. :)


Sara said...

Whoo-hoo! HOOOOO! I am so excited for you! Promise you'll blog about it all!? I can't wait to read about your experience. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Can you make it September, because that's a really nice time to visit Melbourne (yes.. it's all about me...).

Congrats Luv, you are braver than me! I know you'll kick ass!

Deb said...

How have such agressive (and attainable) goals. I know you have it in you! 440 leg presses?! Holy Moly.....I'm getting sore thinking about that. All my best in the New Year Kek. Looking forward to following you're pregress!

Sairs said...

Oh there is SOOOOO going to be a blog/forum contingent there cheering you on!

Sara L, I'll meet you there, pompoms and streamers in hand!

I'm excited for you already Kek. You are already our inspiration everyday, can't wait to see you on stage in your bikini and chocolate tan! :-)

Kek said...

Sara T....what, you think I won't blog about it? Hahahaha!

Sara L....are you NUTS? September is a shitty time to visit Melbourne! Windy, rainy, probably cold...not to mention the crazy football people everywhere. But I do foresee a post-competition visit to Koko Black. Now THAT'S worth coming over for!

Deb...a 440lb leg press isn't that hard. I went from 45lb to 220lb in only 12 weeks, back when I was a weight training newbie. Like everything else, it just takes practice.

Sairs...leave the pom-poms and balloons at home, OK? We don't want to make a scene....

Kek said...

Oh yeah, as for the will depend on two things:

1) Whether I'm deemed ready by September or whether I still need to do some work; and
2) Eligibility requirements for the comp. I think the Sep one is the Nationals and competitors may have to qualify by placing in a previous State comp. Or something. Not sure, the WFF/NABBA websites are crap, but my trainer's sorting out all the nitty-gritty. That's her job. :-)

Then there's the cost of entry fees, bikinis, shoes, choreography, extra training fees, etc.... Gah! Thank goodness I have a trainer who can take care of all this stuff (except the money, and there's always credit cards, eh?). I wouldn't know where to begin!

Anonymous said...

W00t! How exciting!

Sairs said...

Ok Kek, I promise, no pompoms or balloons. If I give you my word that I will sit quietly and perhaps whisper "go Kek" from the back of the auditorium, can I please come? Huh? Can I?

Make sure we've got time to book cheap flights, I'm definitely going to be there cheering for you (quietly of course!!) :D

Anthony said...

Go Kek Go!

I look forward to being there to cheer you on as you live out your dream :o)

SeLiNa said...

You're actually doing it!!! CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step... deciding to do it!
I wish you well on your journey, with all you've done the past few years, you will be a star up on stage in your g-string! ;)
Looking forward to following your trials and tribulations!

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