Friday, January 26, 2007

Orstraylia Day

Ah yes, it's January 26th, so once again we get to celebrate the invasion of this land by the British ....oops, I mean the landing of the first fleet.....

The really good thing about today for me was not having to get up early. Especially since I stupidly stayed up till WAY past midnight last night, just doing stuff. So I was thrilled to be woken at 9:30am by the sound of the garbos emptying all the bins along our street. Don't those guys get a day off? Harrumph!

I ate my porridge, downed 2 cups of coffee and faffed around on the computer for a bit, then finally headed off to the gym at 11:15, arriving at 11:25.....only to discover that they were closing at 12:00 today, thanks to the public holiday. Huh. Shoulda gone to the skanky gym instead. So I zoomed through my leg workout, but had to skip abs - I'll do those later.

I did achieve something pretty major though *drumroll please* ........I loaded up the leg press with 200kg and cranked out 3 sets of 8. Yeah, so it was the leg press at Fernwood, which has a lighter plate than the machine at the skanky gym, but still.....that's like 3 and a half times my body weight. :D

Bugger the Australia Day awards, I think I deserve something for that effort.


Debstar said...


You're a machine girl! I wouldn't want to get my butt kicked by you I'd end up on the moon. lol

Kathryn said...

I am in awe of your leg pressing. You definitely get my award :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I worked out what I press and my knees buckled at the thought of 200kgs!! I think I'd end up 5foot tall if I ever tried!

SeLiNa said...

Did my last comment save in here??
Me thinks i pressed a wrong button...!!
LoL if there's nothing else by me when u log in... i lost it!!!

Fresh Fit & Fab said...

OMG, 200kgs!! Amazing! xox

Kek said...

Nah, there's nothing amazing about it. Anyone can do it - all it takes is consistent training and pushing yourself just a little.

Honestly? I should have reached this point a long time ago, and would have, if it weren't for that pesky #%!#$# back injury that got in the way.

Unknown said...

Well done on the kick-arse leg pressing!!

Happy straaawya-day!

Shauna said...

Australia of the YEEEEAR! 200 kilos, bloody hell. i stand in awe.

Sairs said...

You must have read my mind. Yesterday when they were going through the list of 'Straya Day Award people, I thought "hmmm.. should have nominated Kek for community champion"
Just 'coz our community is on-line doesn't invalidate it! :-)

Flea said...

Oh I can imagine your excitement because I increased from 80 to 110kg in one day. I just thought I sat on 80 for a while now, let's give 100 a go and the trainer I asked to spot me said lets do 110!!! Yeeee haaaa Kek!
Well done!

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