Monday, January 22, 2007

Prescription for health: work your butt off and eat well

I saw my GP this morning, just to get some prescriptions renewed and a new referral to one of my specialists, who I have to see next week. Since I was there, she decided to run an 'over 45 health check' on me. This is some new government initiative apparently, to identify 'at risk' patients, and because I have asthma, I fit the criteria. So she poked my belly, listened to my heart and lungs, checked my blood pressure (110/70....of course) and got me to blow into one of those peak flow thingies. All perfect. Then we went through a questionnaire:

Do you smoke? Ugh. No!
What's your diet like? Low in sugar, low in saturated fat, high-ish in protein, lots of vegies, some fruit and dairy. 5 meals a day, I eat every 3 hours or so. And I drink 3 litres of water a day.
How much alcohol do you drink? Um...usually about 1-2 glasses a month.
What physical activity do you do? Weight training, cycling, walking, running, some cardio at the gym.
Depression? Ha! Not likely.
Osteoporosis....hmm, based on all your other answers and your posture, nope.
Height and weight? 160cm, 58kg *doc calculates BMI* Excellent! I refrain from giving her a lecture on what total crap BMI is.
Last blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes? Mmm, not sure - more than a year though.

With this health check thing, the doc is supposed to recommend treatments or lifestyle changes and/or refer the patient to appropriate services, then print out all the info. So she hits 'print' and says "I don't really know why I'm bothering to give you this - you're so healthy I don't have any advice to put on it!"

She was very impressed by what I've achieved, especially since I first met her when I was in the worst physical condition of my life, in about 2001-2002. And while she was updating my records, she discovered that the last time she ran through these sorts of questions, when I was actually pretty sick, my weight was 75kg AND I was drinking 2-3 days a week. Yeah, um.... I think I lied about that, it was more like 6 days a week. Hey, who's going to admit that to their doctor?

She did add cholesterol and blood sugar to the blood tests I was getting done this week. I'm sure they're both fine, but hey, while they're sticking needles in me, they may as well check for a few more things. The only bad thing about it is, those are both fasting tests.

Crap! I hate having to wait for my brekky.


Flea said...

Kerryn, it's just so wonderful what you've achieved, bet ya you must have been gloating all the time?
Well done!! Now, you didn't mention PAP smeer's done? C'mon you know you have too!

Kathryn said...

I often wonder with drinking (and smoking if you're a smoker) whether the doctor automatically doubles what you tell them.

Well done on the test results, although I'd have expected nothing less :)

Fasting tests suck! Do you have a nice brunch place near the pathology place? That's my motivation to get through it.

Kek said...

LOL. No more Pap smears for me... one of the benefits of a hysterectomy. I got the doc to take me off the reminder list while I was there. :D

Mmm, brunch sounds good...there are plenty of cafes around, I'll see what I can find.

Unknown said...

Sometimes those fasting things seem almost like a mountain to get over! Heading out to a brunch sounds like a delightful carrot to chase! Good luck and well done on all the other tests.

Flea said...

You lucky girl, I was actually saying the same the other day when i had a 10 day cycle, can I go for a hysterectomy please, pretty please LOL.

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