Sunday, January 28, 2007

Progress update

Got my 20km bike ride out of the way today, and suprisingly, the saddle is becoming more comfortable. Or maybe my bum is just becoming numb. Anyway, the ride is getting easier, so that's progress. :-) Even with my sore quads, it was only a moderate workout. I took the Middle Child with me again today. He's getting better at it too, but I still had to stop and wait for him to catch up a few times.

I'm also (finally) seeing progress in my measurements. The scales showed a whopping 200g loss *rolls eyes* but the tape measure was kind - 2cm off my waist and 0.5cm off my hips. I KNEW I was looking leaner!

All up, it was a good week - I missed one cardio session, but considering I was sick for 3 days, that's not so bad. Food has been completely under control - missing meals has been more of a problem than overeating, which is SO not like me!

Back to the sodding office tomorrow for the first time in almost 6 weeks. THAT'S gonna hurt, especially the 5:30am starts to fit my gym time in. I'll just make sure I'm super-prepared with food each night and I'll have no trouble staying on track.

I'm thinking I may tell everyone at work about my competition goal. Yes, they will think I'm a freak (well, freakiER anyway), but I figure the more people that know about it, the less likely I am to slip up and have a chocolate pig-out, or be tempted by cakes at team meetings and the likes.


I decided to update my template and add some new links, taking advantage of the new Blogger drag & drop features. But in the process I've managed to lose all my buttons. Soooo...I thought that would be easy to fix - after all, I figured out how to add them in the first place, even created my own banner.

Of course, it isn't that easy. *sigh* I can add pictures. I can add links. But I can't seem to add a picture with a link embedded in it. Gah! I don't have time right now to trawl through the (remarkably unhelpful) help pages, so it'll just have to wait.


Kathryn said...

Congrats on the measurements :)

MTB Girl said...

Well done on the ride! I'm glad the saddle is getting more comfortable, or you bum more numb :P

I had a rather unfortunate accident on the way home from our ride this morning...I managed to slip off the pedal when taking off from the lights and hit the saddle...hard...ouch!

I left you a note about the trainers over at the WH&F forum.

Good work on the measurements.

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