Sunday, January 21, 2007

Training update

This week has been pretty good. I got my interval sessions and my weight training workouts in, and today went out with Bike Boy for my first ever road ride. We did 40km - cycled all the way to Whittlesea and back, which I foolishly thought would be a bit of a doddle. Paved road, bike lanes, flat all the way - how hard can it be? Well, it seems flat when I drive it....on the bike, I discovered it's ever so slightly uphill. And once again, the wind came out to play. Gusty NNW wind, about 58kmh, to be precise - and we were heading north.

I spent the whole trip out in low gears, riding into a head wind, and battling to not get blown into the traffic. It was a slow old trip - an hour and 20 minutes to go 20kms. Gah! No time to look around at the countryside, spot kookaburras or anything else, it was head down and sweat and puff all the way. I learned something though - it's a bad idea to breathe through your mouth, because you know, insects? They fly straight into your open gob, and thanks to all the huffing and puffing and the wind drying out your mouth, you can't summon up enough saliva to spit 'em out! Eeuww! I just tried to think of it as extra protein.

The ride home, however was a breeze (ha! pun intended!). Even on the few upward slopes, I didn't drop below 20kmh, thanks to the mighty tailwind, and we made it back in 45 minutes.

I'm feeling pretty well prepared for our Feb 24 ride, and if it's windy again, so be it. I won't like it, and I can't promise not to whinge, but I'll survive.

Food continues good - I'm expecting no different this coming week. Let's get on with it!

Edit note: I tried out Amanda's saddle and it's going to take some getting used to. It's certainly not worse than my old seat, but I think I need to play with it and adjust it a bit till it suits. Plus I may just buy a gel pad for it - my old one is too big and would slip around on the narrower seat - and I just feel like my butt doesn't have enough padding. Which is a good thing aesthetically speaking, but not so good from a comfort point of view.


MTB Girl said...

Hey Kek, rides like that are called "character building". At least the ride home was good - it is worse when you ride into the wind home....Congrats on finishing the ride. When is your next longish one?

Give the saddle some more time, and do some shorter rides on it (after a few days to recover). Are you wearing knicks? That should be enough padding, and it takes ride time to toughen up. Honestly, it gets easier and less painful. I would suggest that a gel cover would make things worse, as you would slide around on it a bit more. I don't think it would help as it will add more bulk. It will probably feel better for the first few weeks, but honestly, it may just be a case of more time in the saddle - good luck!

Kek said...

Thanks Amanda - yes, I know time in the saddle is the answer - I'll get out for a short ride, maybe tomorrow. I tend to do intervals on the stationary bike during the week...but maybe a 'real' ride is called for.

And yes, I have padded knicks (just IMAGINE riding without them!)

Cinders said...

Well done on the bike ride. Loved the Aussie test on your previous post. Good old Festival Hall..

MTB Girl said...

Good to hear you are wearing knicks - I CANNOT imagine riding without them! ouchies! I just thought I should start with the obvious (and easiest fixed) issues first ;)

The thing to remember is that the saddle on a stationary bike is different, and you don't sit the same on one of them as actually out on the road - it helps, but it is not the same :)

It might be worth getting the fit of your bike checked by a friendly bike shop - often they can help with the small adjustments needed to get you more comfortable. Little things like saddle height, bar height and saddle position (further forward or back) can make a big difference too. It made a huge difference on my road bike when I got fitted and got things adjusted at the bike shop.

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