Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well, it SEEMED like a good idea at the time

My butt hurts. And my quads seem to have transformed into some solid, immovable substance overnight. And did I mention that my butt hurts? Yow.

I was pretty thrilled about my leg press yesterday. Today, not so much.


MTB Girl said...

Ouchies! I thought for a sec you'd done a marathon ride :O

I hope it eases off soon. My legs are better today after a gentle ride into the city to get some breakfast.

Still, it WAS an awesome effort with those leg presses!

Kek said...

Well, a ride is on the agenda for tomorrow - only 20kms though, I'm not completely nuts!

Today, I'm planning a nice walk - if the rain stops at some point.

Debstar said...

I feel your pain Kek. I'm only doing piddly little weights (due to varicose veins) but am doing lots of reps and supersets. Its alot more timeconsuming but has the same ouch effect the next day. Anyway at the moment I know exactly where my hammys are located.

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