Saturday, February 03, 2007

All is revealed

I warn you (again) - this is going to be a huge let-down. No skydiving, bungee jumping or wrestling crocodiles. And NO, not a Brazilian. Are all your minds permanently focused below the navel?

Anyway, I didn't chicken out. AND as for what it was.... I had my belly button pierced.

Told you it would be a let-down.

It may be nothing to all you young chicks, but I am so conservative - you can really have no idea. A complete and utter fuddy-duddy, that's me. But I'm now a fuddy-duddy with a bit of belly bling.

Edit: For Jadey (who's VERY impatient!)'s a pic of the 'bling'. The bling-in-belly pic will have to wait for the dressing to come off.


Jadey 0:-) said...

And there are no pictures? Excuse me miss! :P

Kek said...

I just KNEW that would be the first comment!

Photo coming up later - sometime after the nice little sterile dressing thingy is removed.

LizN said...

good for you! I wish my stretched from 10.5lber baby would let me pierce mine ;)

Liz N

Selina said...

Go u sexy thang!!! It'll look great on your nice flat belly :)
I think they're very pwetty, I feel underdressed or 'naked' if I don't have mine in!!!
Just wait till you can do shopping for new ones... danglys, studs, upside down ones... it goes on and on!!! LoL - Guess who gets excited over belly bling?!?!

MTB Girl said...

Oooh, very exciting Kek!

kathrynoh said...

Woohoo... new places to wear jewellery!

Sairs said...

That's WICKED!! Who's not only a 'Buffmother' but a SEXY one too??!!
That is fantastic Kek. Now, when can we talk you in to the tattoo? LOL! The brazilian is only months away of course, once you're in comp mode! :-)
BTW, what do your brood think?

Kek said...

LIz, mine's been stretched to the limit too - the last time by a 9lb 3oz boofer, PLUS the ridiculous 30kg I gained. Ugh.

Funnily enough, that's what prompted me to get the piercing. There's a lovely wrinkly stretch mark right at the top of my navel, which I loathe - I figured this might hide it...or at least distract from it a little.

I suppose we should wear our battle scars with pride. But I prefer camouflage. LOL.

Kek said... NO EFFING WAY!

As for the Brazilian...PLEASE, I'm in denial here, just trying not think about it. *puts fingers in ears* La, la, la!

linda said...

I love it!!! Goodonya Kerryn! If my belly was flat and not wrinkled and if I was brave enough I would have had one too. Now- go for the tat! I have a tasteful one on my right hip. Well padded so it wasn't at all painful!

Kek said...

The only Tatts ever happening in MY life is the lottery ticket in my wallet.

Shauna said...

sexAY! i can't wait to see it :)

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