Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And again I say: Gah!!

Things didn't improve much this morning - I headed off to the office nice and early, then had to exit the freeway to avoid a big traffic jam and go the back way around Fawkner cemetary. Only it turned out that was a really big mistake. A huge smash involving a water tanker on the Tulla meant that all the back streets of Pascoe Vale were banked up for miles with traffic trying to get on or off the freeway.

I sat, practically within view of the office, for almost 45 minutes - so my trip to work took an hour and a half. I WAS planning to get in early so I could leave early. *sigh* I figured that gritting my teeth and fuming was pointless though, so I used the time to fill in my log book, listen to the Scared Weird Little Guys on the radio and play some of Nora Jones' new CD.

On the plus side, my day DID include coffee, so it's not all bad.


SeLiNa said...

YIPPEEEE IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!See u on the weekend!!!
Blogger doesn't want to play today and won't let me sign in so I can't write a farewell post...
I'll call you on Saturday!!
Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn said...

I think the solution is to run to work - that way you avoid all these problems :)

Jadey said...

I listened to the radio about that one. Tre Sucky!

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