Friday, February 16, 2007


I discovered on Wednesday that Book City near my office is closing down and having a stock clearance sale - 20% off everything. I paused for a moment to do a little happy dance at the news, then dashed straight over there to check it out....never mind that it wasn't time for my lunch break yet.

So, what to buy? I wandered up and down the aisles. Cookbooks? Fitness books? Health & lifestyle books? Novels, biographies, kids' books? Decisions, decisions....

Finally I settled on this:

Yay, a bodybuilding book, and by Arnie ...and a whopping great huge book, at that! Never mind what useful info it might contain, I reckon you could build fab muscles just lifting the book. It weighs a ton!


Deb said...

very cool! the only thing better than a book store sale is a used book store! have a great weekend.

LizN said...

Cool, you're going to have fun with that!

Debstar said...

Bookstores are my favourite place to shop. I can spend more time in a bookstore than in a shoe shop.

Libraries are better, its like shopping without money.

Sairs said...

I plan all my workouts from this book now Kek. I use his flushing techniques, and running the rack etc etc. It's a brilliant resource. I bet you got it cheaper than I did tho, I had to order it in!! You'll love this, and there's lots of amazing pics so you can kind of justify it as a coffee table book!! LOL!
Just one thing, I recommend NOT trying to read it in bed. I did that once, and ended up with a very sore nose. As you said, it's a tome of great weight, physically as well as in content!! :-)

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