Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bikes, dodgy shoulders and crazy mind games

Boy, is it hot! I headed out on the bike nice and early this morning, but it was still a sweaty, unpleasant ride. I took The Middle Child with me, and he found it pretty hard going. I had to stop and wait for him quite a few times - but we still cut 6 minutes off the time it took the last time he came with me.

He'll make it OK on the ride next Sunday.... let's hope it's not this hot.


I decided it was time to sort out my various problem areas, so I saw an osteopath on Thursday. I was in there for an hour and a half! We did spend quite a bit of time going through my medical history (that's always a saga), but she must have poked, prodded and otherwise tortured me for a good hour.

She pinpointed all my tightest, sorest muscles... and then proceeded to poke her fingers right into them. I gritted my teeth and refrained from saying "Can you not do that?" The whole time she was telling me which muscle she was working on - supraspinatus, subscapularis, teres major.... whatever, it was VERY painful! Plus she showed me a couple of new stretches that are really effective for my shoulder and arm. Note to self: remember to use those.

My right shoulder has much less rotation than the left, so she's going to work on sorting that out, plus get stuck into my left hip, which is apparently contributing to my lower back problems.

I foresee many visits and many $$ in the future. Let's hope it helps.


LizN wrote a blog entry about diet and mental attitude that really hit home. As the beginning of March looms and I get closer to the start of what I call my 'serious' training, I'm finding myself struggling with food quite a bit. I know I've been dreading being on a diet again. I guess it's the same thought patterns that lead to that kind of last-minute binge mentality that a lot of people experience. You know, where you've decided to start a diet on Monday, so all weekend you shovel masses of food into your mouth like you're never going to get to eat again.

It's not that I hate the food, or get hungry, or even that I particularly want to eat crap. It's just the whole mental thing where, if you tell yourself you're dieting, you immediately feel deprived and want to eat more of the foods that aren't on your meal plan. Mind games, huh?

So, I need a new mental approach to this whole thing. That's going to take some work, but I'm sure I can do it.


kathrynoh said...

At least it's going to cool down tomorrow.

It's good to get all those niggles seen to - I've been going to the physio and it's really helped. Must remember not to wear a short skirt when she's checking out my hip joints though!

Sara said...

Oooo... we can compare rehab exercise notes!

I just want to say, I lurve your blog and it just gets better and betterer. I check it every day and get all :( if there's nothing new.
which is not often these days :)

LizN said...

Which competition are you planning on doing?
Yes, I take a pretty unique approach to preparation which involves an obligatory Indian meal during "peak week". A girl has gotta stay sane you know :) Let me know if I can help you with anything :)

Liz ;)

linda said...

lol- and remember not to wear the g-string either!!! Sounds like they're getting stuck into you though which can only bring good!

Debstar said...

Supraspinatus, subscapularis, teres major......Yes I know those big words very well after having to endure a year of frozen shoulder. Believe me Kerryn you don't want to go down that path ever. The $$$ should be well worth it. What saved me in the end was to have trigger point therapy combined with massage. Sounds like you got the trigger point work without the nice stuff thrown in.

I also found getting in the pool & just moving my arms up & down & around in the water helped. I know you don't like swimming but it has been hot so it would be enjoyable & this is not strictly swimming. Ask the osteo. if he thinks it would help.

Kek said...

Yup, water-based stuff would be great Deb, except for one small detail.... I don't have a pool. And I definitely don't have time anywhere in my week to squeeze in a visit to the public pool.

I'll persevere with the exercises and stretches and treatment and I'm sure it'll sort itself out.

Heidi said...

Hi Kek

Found my way here from Sportzblitz...
I have been having some shoulder niggles over the last little while and haven't done anything about it mostly because I didn't know who to see about it. Since reading your entry I think an Osteopath might be the person to see. Does one just find an oesteopath and make an appointment or do you have to get referred?

Kek said...

Heidi, just find one and rock up. I'd suggest you ask around for recommendations from people who've used one if you can.

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