Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day off!

I'm home today - The Baby has come down with a snotty/sore throat/sneezy bug that made him shed tears this morning, he felt so sick. So no school for him, and since Bike Boy is way too indispensible these days to take a day off from his Very Important Job, it's my motherly duty to stay home and take care of the invalid.

What a shame. I may just have to take a nap, pick up the parcel that the post office are holding for me, do some net-surfing and catch up on some stuff around here. Of course, I'd much rather be at work. *tries to keep a straight face*


Debstar said...

Aaawww poor baby. Don't get too close to him.

Kek said...

I knew he was REALLY sick when he didn't want lunch. Then he put himself to sleep on the couch this unlike him. Then when he woke up, he had a fever of 38.7 - that's over 101 for any non-metric people reading.

(Touch wood) He's better tonight.

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