Friday, February 23, 2007


I swear my local supermarket must exist in some kind of weird time warp. Today I was standing in the 8-items-or-less queue and as I idly glanced around, the weekly trash mags caught my eye. So with nothing better to do while I waited, I scanned the headlines.

It seems that Oprah's having a fat crisis, Britney's having a VERY public meltdown, Jennifer is having an on again/off again relationship, Anna-Nicole's tragic and destructive life has gotten even more tragic and Brad and Angelina are having marriage woes.

Um....weren't these the headlines 6 months ago? 12 months ago? Do people actually pay money to read this same crap over and over again?

Speaking of mags, Kathryn has an article in this month's Women's Health & Fitness and I'm hanging out for my copy. I've been very patient - I only checked at the newsagent three times today.

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