Friday, February 16, 2007


Today I had a rare free morning where I didn't actually have to be anywhere. So I slept till 7:00, got the kids up for school, had brekky, answered emails and did some washing, all at a leisurely pace. Pure bliss! Then I headed off to the gym at 10:00am..... it's a weekday, the place will be nice and quiet because everyone's at work, right? WRONG! It was probably the busiest I've ever seen it. Great.

I got through my leg workout OK, although I had to swap the order of a couple of exercises when somebody was using the leg press, plus I switched to barbell squats instead of Smith squats because the ever-popular Smith machine was in constant use.

A woman finished her set on the leg press and headed over to do some tri pushdowns, so I started loading plates on in preparation for my one-legged sets, when she comes back over and starts flapping her mouth at me. So I take my earphones out and smile politely and she tells me she's supersetting (leg press and tri pushdowns? OK, if you say so), and she only has one more set to do, so would I mind.....

She was a larger lady, maybe a size 20, and had this sort of tired, defeated look about her. So while she was doing her final set I commented to her that it's nice to see somebody using the leg press, since most of the women seem frightened of it. She immediately told me that she doesn't want to 'get big', so she's keeping the weights low and reps high, on the advice of her trainer. *sigh* I gently pointed out to her that I have lifted as heavy as I can for the past 3 years, and have gone from a size 18 to an 8. Her jaw hit the floor, and she told me about how she's been struggling with weight loss for some time. Then we had quite a long conversation about training, Body for LIFE and nutrition, and I gave her some website addresses to check out.

She left looking hopeful and positive. I feel a bit like I was meant to meet her. Do I believe in fate? Not sure, but sometimes when I step out of my routine just on a whim, interesting things happen.


Debstar said...

Well done Kerryn, you have another convert, hopefully. How amazing that she didn't blow you off.Usually they get all defensive if you offer an opinion that contradicts their own. Maybe the fact that you were a size 18 helped. I hope you gave her a business card as well.

Kek said...

Funny you should mention business cards, Deb. I actually had NONE on me. What an idiot! Straight after my workout, I went to a fitness equipment supplier and got chatting to the guys there and they ASKED me for some business cards...and I had not a one.

I've just put a stack in the glove box, and another lot in my gym bag. Better late than never.

Sara said...

It's got to be fate. You are living your destiny. I bet that feels good!

LizN said...

Well, that is one lucky lady to have met you. It always means so much more when you have "lived" life overweight.
Just goes to show if you believe...

Liz ;)

Marshmallow said...

I think that woman is very lucky to have bumped into you since you have given her some fantastic advice :-D

Though I'm puzzled as to why her trainer would recommend keeping the weights low and the reps high? I've always thought it was way more effective to load up the weight as high as you can and do fewer reps (I know that the muscles scream more the next day!)

Also, tricep pushdowns and leg presses? Supersetting? Strangest superset I've heard of for a while, but... okay, if she says so :-/

You were great to give her your opinion and leave her in a positive mood - good on ya! :-D I bet she felt loads more optimistic and has renewed motivation thanks to you

Kek said...

The logic mystifies me too. It seems that most of the trainers who this gym keeps on their books seem to promote the "more cardio and weeny weights with lots of ab crunches" method. They obviously think it's the way to shed fat and not bulk up.

Funny, if they only looked around at the clientele, it'd be pretty obvious it isn't working.

K said...

I hope she checks out the websites you gave her! Some gym trainers don't seem to know what they are doing? Probably cos they want people to join, stay fat and keep renewing their memberships *shaking head*

It was great for her that she met you!

Selina said...

Just catching up on all your posts!!
THANKS for dobbing me in :P LoL
It was a great day, again I thank you for taking me round coz it was heapsa fun!!
Good on you chatting to that woman.
You can conquer the world... one lady at a time! ;)lol

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