Friday, February 02, 2007

Friend or foe?

Tonight we're heading off to Gold Class at Crown to FINALLY see Casino Royale, and I fully intend to take advantage of the nummy food on offer. I'll abstain on the alcohol though - I'm driving. *sigh* As usual.
Of course going out to eat on a Friday night led me to a scale dilemma - Saturday is my normal weigh-in day, but weighing after a free meal? We all know that's a really BAD idea. So, do I wait till Sunday and hope that the bloat has subsided? Or weigh a day early? But then that's only 6 days since my last weigh-in, and.... you know.... that could affect the result too.

Decisions, decisions.

I know, I know, I'm a complete freak about this stuff - of course it makes no difference in the long run, but I have my routines and rituals and I hate to deviate from them. A 'bad' scale reading can really send me into a tailspin, even when I know the reason for it.

Anyway, in the end I decided to take the 'day early' route, and jump on the scales this morning. And lo and behold: an entire 1/2 kilo has disappeared this week. Training has been perfect, food also (no skimping on protein or subbing in a glass of wine as a carb portion) (not that I'd do that....), so I'm confident that it's all fat. I'll see what the tape measure tells me on Sunday - fingers crossed my bicep measurement is holding steady.


By the way, I've booked in to do something completely out of character tomorrow. I'll post about it afterwards....... if I don't chicken out.


Kathryn said...

Enjoy the movie. I love gold class - movie pampering rocks!

SeLiNa said...

Are you going skydiving?!?! ;)

Sairs said...

Hmmm... out of character and the potential that you might chicken out?
I'm thinking it must have something to do with heights... Might just have to take the puter home this weekend so I can read up once you tell!

Kek said...

Haha! Skydiving? Heights?

You're going to be SO let down...

Deb said...

I hate scales.... I say skip it until next week! ;)

Jadey said...

I like the day early idea too. Weighing in anytime after a free meal is disaster in my books.

So whats this out of character thingy me bob?

Sairs said...

Ok, if it's not heights, my money is either on a Brazillian, or a tattoo!! :-)

Debstar said...

My turn to guess. A Brazilian wax. No need for before & after photos thanks!

jodie said...

Hey Kek
You coming to Phat Camp this year??I soooo love Gold Class cinema, enjoy! yes the scales suck after a free meal.
Wondering, your out of character thing is it a Brazilan Wax lol???

Kek said...

LMAO!! Looks like everyone's minds run along the same track.

You'll just have to wait. I warn you, it'll be SUCH a let-down.

Jodie, no I can't make it to Phat Camp this year and I'm really bummed about it. I'll be in Sydney that weekend. :(

SeLiNa said...

Yea doesn't that suck about Melb phat camp and filex being on at same time!
U can save you pennies reeeally reaeeaaly hard like me, then do PHAT CAMP on the Gold Coast the weekend after filex!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's my goal anyway ;)

Kek said...

Well, last year the Sydney camp was on the same weekend as I guess somebody has to miss out if Jen's going to be here at that time of year. I'm still sulking though!

It's not the cost so much that stops me from doing an interstate camp, Selina - that's what credit cards are for, right? You hand over the plastic and you don't even have to pay. ....What? You mean it doesn't work that way?

Anyway, deserting my family 2 weekends in a row to run off and have fun is a bit much. Not to mention the clients I'd have to cancel.

Let's hope the timing works out better in 2008!

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